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  • Harkila Dvalin Insulated Jacket
  • Harkila Annaboda Jersey
  • Harkila Metso Active Shirt
  • Harkila Orton Gusset Boots
  • Harkila Orton Packable Jacket
  • Harkila Orton Packable Overtrousers
  • Harkila Orton Packable Smock
  • Harkila Orton Zip Boots
  • Harkila Pajala Shirt
  • Harkila Power Liner Gloves
  • Harkila Pro Hunter Endure Jacket
  • Harkila Pro Hunter Endure Trousers
  • Harkila Pro Shooter Gloves
  • Harkila Sandhem Fleece Jacket
  • Harkila Sandhem Fleece Waistcoat
  • Harkila Sandhem Ladies Fleece Waistcoat
  • Harkila Stenstorp Shirt
  • Harkila Stornoway Active Waistcoat
  • Harkila Venjan Fleece Jacket
  • Harkila Vestmar Hybrid Fleece Jacket
  • Harkila Visent Jacket

    Harkila Visent Jacket

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  • Harkila Woodsman GTX Boots

The Harkila name exudes authenticity and quality. All year round the complete Harkila collection, from boots and gloves to jackets and trousers, gives invaluable service in the field, from stalking in light summer nights to hunting in the bitter winter the equipment is pushed to the limit.

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