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  • Youngs Strawberry & Lime Cider - 40 pint / 23L
  • BrewBuddy 40pt Lager

    BrewBuddy 40pt Lager

    £14.99 £13.49
  • BrewBuddy 40pt Bitter

    BrewBuddy 40pt Bitter

    £14.99 £13.49
  • Youngs 5g Lager Yeast Sachet
  • Youngs 5g Ale Yeast Sachet
  • Youngs Woodfordes Bure Gold 40 Pint Kit
  • Youngs Muntons Gold Docklands Porter 40 Pint Kit
  • Youngs New World Belgian Saison 40 Pint Kit
  • Youngs American Oaked Rum Ale 40 Pint Kit
  • Youngs John Bull Brown Ale 40 Pint Kit
  • Youngs Woodfordes Nelsons Revnge Bitter 36 Pint Kit
  • Youngs Harvest Mild 40 Pint Kit
  • Youngs Geordie Lager 40 Pint Kit
  • Youngs Geordie Bitter 40 Pint Kit
  • Youngs Micro Brewery Complete Starter Kit IPA
  • Youngs BrewBuddy Lager Starter Kit
  • Youngs Geordie Scottish Export Bitter 40 Pint Ki
  • Youngs Harvest Pilsner 40 Pint Kit
  • Youngs Harvest Scottish Heavy Ale 40 Pint Kit

Home brewing beers in many flavours and types. Beer is an alcoholic drink made from yeast fermented malt, flavoured with hops. We sell Ales, Real Ales, Belgium beer, bitter and mild beer, cider, lager and stout. Use traditional methods of fermentation in the cask or bottle that do not need any extra gas once brewed, and different temperatures and speed for beers or lagers. No matter what knowledge you have of beer, whether you’re a new starter, novice or professional, it doesn’t take long to master your favourite tasting beer and it can take even less time to drink if you’re thirsty.

Home Brewing Beers