Cartridge Belts

Cartridge belts are all down to preference. If you want a quick way to reload your gun, then cartridge belts could be for you. Most belts have a capacity of around twenty or more. Most belts are multi-gauge functional so that you are able to buy one belt for all sizes. Belts are the quick way to store and access your cartridges as it is much quicker than a bag or rummaging in a pocket. Most belts are leather or a quick dry canvas material so that they are comfortable as well as useful. It is all down to personal opinion in the end.

Cartridge Belts Stocked

We stock cartridge belts in a range of waist sizes suitable for various cartridge gauges, for quick and easy storage and access to your ammunition. Elastic Ammunition Carriers and Neoprene Ammunition Carriers which features loops designed to hold ammunition in an upright position around the buttstock of your rifle and shotgun. We stock a range of belts that cover most specifications that your cartridge belt could need. We have canvas Beretta and Bisley belts for 12 and 20 gauge and a good selection of leather cartridge belts from Croots and Teales.

Cartridge Belt Preference

Here at Philip Morris and Son, we intend to help you as much as possible but a cartridge belt is down to preference on the way it sits, how many cartridges you can carry and how comfortable it is. Contact us or pop in store to see our range and ask any questions.