Shooting in Style: Vinnie Jones and Harkila in 'The Gentlemen' - A Closer Look

Shooting in Style: Vinnie Jones and Harkila in 'The Gentlemen' - A Closer Look

Posted by Philip Morris & Son on 7th Mar 2024

Infamous footballer, Hollywood movie star and passionate advocate for the countryside, Vinnie Jones, has long been an enthusiastic brand ambassador for Harkila, the premium Scandinavian shooting and hunting brand. The latest exciting development in this collaboration is about to hit UK TV screens on 7th March when the hotly anticipated Netflix series, The Gentlemen, airs. Created by Guy Ritchie, The Gentlemen is a spin-off of the 2019 film of the same name and, in Ritchie’s signature style, is an unmissable gangster thriller where the criminal underworld meets countryside aristocracy. Jones plays the role of gamekeeper Geoff Seacombe, and what better brand is there to bring some real countryside authenticity to the character than Harkila?

Vinnie Jones wearing the Harkila Kaldfjord Corduroy Shirt in The Gentlemen

From premium hunting apparel to top-of-the-line equipment, Harkila caters to the needs of hunters, shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, and are the perfect brand for those who appreciate the finer aspects of hunting attire. Designed for ambitious and passionate hunters, Harkila’s traditional tweeds are combined with modern, technical properties and embody the classic game shooting style that is recognisable throughout the countryside.

The Harkila collection has been crafted to meet the needs of the modern outdoorsman and encapsulates the spirit of Vinnie Jones' character in the series, combining practicality with a refined and traditional country aesthetic. Featuring everything from durable hunting jacketscountry check shirts and traditional tweed flat caps, every item in the Harkila collection has been made to offer both immaculate style and practical functionality for any day spent in the field.

As an official UK Harkila stockist, we’ve proudly brought together the key Harkila pieces worn by Vinnie Jones in the series so you too can achieve the blend of high-class adventure and rugged charm that the series encapsulates.

The Gamekeeper Look: 

Blending traditional tweed with modern technical fabrics for a timeless heritage style that offers sophistication and practicality.

Vinnie Jones in Harkila Stornoway Waistcoat and Stornoway Breeks

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The Gentleman Look:

A classic and versatile countryside look, perfect for a shoot day or exploring the countryside. The addition of a flat cap sets off this dapper style.

Vinnie Jones in the Harkila Retrieve Jacket

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The Casual Look:

Relax in style with the rugged charm of this casual look. It’s perfect for enjoying a pint in the pub or an evening stroll with the dogs.

Vinnie Jones in the Harkila Sandhem Pro Waistcoat

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