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Shooting Decoys

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  • Sport Plast Full Body Pigeon Decoy with Feet
  • Drake Sport Plast Mallard Duck Decoys

    Sport Plast Mallard Duck Decoys

    £12.95 - £14.95
  • Bisley Flocked Pigeon Decoy With Legs
  • Flocked Pigeon Shells
  • Pigeon Decoy With Feet Feeding
  • Sport Plast Magpie Decoy
  • Little Owl Decoy
  • Flying Kestrel Decoy
  • Sport Plast American Great Owl Decoy
  • Folding Wood Pigeon Decoy
  • Jack Pyke Flying Decoy Cradle
  • Bisley Crow and Rook Decoy

Pigeon Decoys

Shooting decoys can attract or deter birds. Duck and pigeon decoys are used to tempt duck or pigeons into flying into your target zone, the Kestrel decoy is used for repelling birds. There’s several types of duck and pigeon decoy from static to moving. A duck decoy is still used for hunting ducks, but are now also used for ornithological research, in which the birds are released after capture. More predator decoys such as Kestrel, Owl, Raven Crow and Eagle are effective at scaring pest birds away. Decoys are a time-tested solution both for attracting and deterring birds. Decoys that imitate predators can increase the pressure on birds to evacuate a given area.

Shooting Decoys