Brabantia PerfectFit Bin Liners

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Make the most of your Brabantia bin with these handy bin liners from the brand. No matter the size or shape you need, there is a specifically sized option for your bin. Simply check the colour code on the inside of the lid to find out which size you'll need. Please be aware that there are now new bags, which have been specifically designed for the newIcon and 30L flatbacks only. 


Key features:

  • Easy to insert neatly and to remove quickly.
  • The unique colour coding enables you to find the right bin liner.
  • A perfect fit for your Brabantia waste bin - no ugly overwrap.
  • Provided with special ventilation holes which makes it easier to insert the waste bag.
  • Easy transport and sealing band.
  • Made of extra strong quality plastic.




Capacity Pack Code Colour Liners Per Pack
3 litre A Yellow 20
3 litre V Colour 20
5 litre B Orange 20
5 litre W Cyan 20
10-12 litre X Brown 20
12 litre C Pink 20
15 litre D Lilac 20
18 litre Q Blue 20
20 litre E Light Blue 20

20 litre


F Turquoise 20
20 litre Y Red 20
23 litre J Blood Orange 20
23-30 litre G Green 20
30 litre O Baby Blue 20
36 litre R Dark Green 10
45 litre L Light Brown 10
50 litre H Grey 10

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Size Guides / SpecificationLess

Brabantia Bin Liner Specifications

3L Bag Dimensions: 30cm x 27cm approx. (height x width)

5L Bag Dimensions: 35.5cm x 33.5cm approx. (height x width)

12L Bag Dimensions: 50.5cm x 39cm approx. (height x width)

15L Bag Dimensions: 56.5cm x 44.5cm approx. (height x width)

18L Bag Dimensions: 44cm x 53.5cm approx. (height x width)

20L Bag Dimensions: 56cm x 46.5cm approx (height x width)

20L Slim Bag Dimensions: 76cm x 39cm approx. (height x width)

30L Bag Dimensions: 75.5cm x 46cm approx. (height x width)

45L Bag Dimensions: 82cm x 54cm approx. (height x width)

50L Bag Dimensions: 80.5cm x 61cm approx (height x width)

Downloadable documents:

New Brabantia Bin Liner Sizes (99.79K)



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