What are the Best Shooting Boots

Posted by Abi on 07/10/2024

What are the Best Shooting Boots

When it comes to hunting, shooting and field sports, having the right gear is crucial for both performance and safety and a good pair of shooting boots is amongst the most important pieces of equipment to get right. Shooting boots need to provide comfort, support, durability, and protection in various terrains and weather conditions.

What are Shooting Boots?

In general, there are two types of boots worn by shooting and hunting enthusiasts: Shooting Wellington Boots and Stalking Boots. The choice between the two mostly comes down to personal preference, the conditions underfoot and the type of terrain you will be tackling, and it is common to see both types of boot out in the field.

Shooting Wellington boots provide excellent protection from mud and boggy ground and often have the addition of an insulating lining for comfort and warmth. However, they can be heavier than Stalking boots and lack the necessary ankle support for hunting across uneven and difficult terrain

Stalking boots are often preferred by those looking to be more agile, offering support, flexibility and greater freedom of movement than wellies, so you can be lighter (and quieter!) on your feet when tracking game. Stalking boots are often made from durable leather or synthetic materials and feature a breathable GORE-TEX lining for waterproof protection.

For more detail about the pros and cons of both types of boot, take a look at our  Wellington Boots vs. Shooting Boots for the Shooting Field blog.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shooting Boots

Comfort: Look for shooting boots with good cushioning, support, and a comfortable fit to avoid foot fatigue during long outings.

Durability: Choose shooting boots made from high-quality materials that can withstand rough terrain and harsh conditions.

Waterproofing: Ensure your shooting boots offer waterproof protection, such as a GORE-TEX membrane or inherently waterproof rubber wellies, to keep your feet dry.

Insulation: Depending on the climate and season, consider boots with appropriate insulation to keep your feet warm. Shooting wellies often feature a neoprene lining for warmth and comfort.

Traction: Opt for boots with outsoles designed for good grip on various surfaces to prevent slipping. Vibram soles are often a key feature of a good pair of stalking boots.

Top Shooting Boot Brands

Here's a look at some of the best shooting boots available from top brands, considering different needs and preferences:

Le Chameau

Le Chameau produces both shooting wellies and stalking boots, making them an excellent choice for a day in the field. Their  Le Chameau Vierzonord Wellington Boots are a true countryside staple, featuring a 3mm neoprene lining for insulation and comfort, an adjustable gusset for a secure fit, and a shock-absorbing dual-density outsole for superior grip and stability. 

For stalking, the Le Chameau Mouflon 2.0 Extreme Boots are designed for serious outdoor enthusiasts. Built to withstand the toughest conditions, they offer maximum comfort and support and come in both  10” and 12” heights to suit your preference.


Seeland are always a reliable choice for a quality pair of shooting wellington boots that offer excellent value for money. Their rubber wellington boots are specifically designed to be durable and to withstand rugged terrain, so they’re perfect for driven hunts. The  Seeland Key Point Boot is a superbly designed all-round rubber boot that is ideal for the shooting field. Made from vulcanised rubber, these Seeland shooting Wellington boots are hardwearing, comfortable and flexible and have a neoprene lining for warmth. They’ve also got a central tread pattern to the outsole so mud doesn’t stick, making them the ideal choice when it's a really wet shoot day.


Harkila are a leading brand for demanding hunters and shooting enthusiasts and offer a wide range of shooting boots, including stalking boots and shooting wellington boots, for any type of hunt or shoot. The  Harkila Pro Hunter Ridge 2.0 GTX is one of their most popular stalking boots that are remarkably light and comfortable for the level of protection they offer. Designed for the most challenging of conditions, these stalking boots offer excellent support on uneven terrain and waterproof protection in wet, boggy ground. Key features include a GORE-TEX Ultimate membrane to keep your feet dry and a Vibram outsole for assured grip and traction.

Another popular style is the Harkila Reidmar Mid 2.0 GTX Boots. Despite their leather construction, these hunting boots are remarkably lightweight yet they still offer all the features you would expect from premium shooting boots. A distinctive feature of the Harkila Reidmar Boots is the innovative twist lock UTURN wire lacing system, which secures the boots with a few turns to the button and loosens them by turning in the opposite direction. This design not only makes these stalking boots quick and easy to put on and take off but also prevents the laces from coming loose or snagging on undergrowth. Harkila pride themselves on the premium quality of their kit, and their footwear is no exception, with a two-year warranty offered on all boots.


Meindl have been handcrafting boots for over 300 years and are a well-regarded brand in the outdoors community for their excellent footwear. Popular amongst walkers, hikers and hunters alike, Meindl has a long heritage in producing high quality boots that combine modern technology with the best materials to produce durable and comfortable boots.

For hunting, the Meindl Dovre GTX Boots and Meindl Dovre Extreme GTX Boots are always popular amongst beaters and keepers for durability and protection and are considered by many to be the ultimate shooting boot. The Meindl Dovre Shooting Boots offer excellent ankle support with rigidity that is flexible enough to be comfortable straight out the box.


Aigle boots are meticulously handcrafted in France to meet exacting standards. With honed expertise, Aigle produces premium natural rubber boots that are highly regarded in the shooting community and the  Aigle Parcours 2 Wellington Boots stand out as one of their most popular styles. Completely waterproof, these rugged and technical Wellington boots are exceptionally comfortable and feature a tri-density rubber sole with shock-absorbing cushioning, making them ideal for long hours in the field. The specially designed lugged outsole ensures excellent traction and stability on slippery surfaces and soft ground. Built to last, these sturdy shooting Wellington boots are a worthwhile investment for shooters seeking reliable and durable footwear.


Shooting boots are an essential piece of equipment for anyone serious about hunting or shooting sports. Their specialised features, including durability, waterproofing, insulation, comfort, support, and traction, make them indispensable for tackling the challenging conditions of the great outdoors. Whether you opt for stalking boots or shooting wellington boots for your next day in the field, investing in a quality pair of shooting boots to suit your own personal preference and type of activity can significantly enhance your performance, safety, and overall experience.

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