Unravelling The Different Airers In The Brabantia Range

Unravelling The Different Airers In The Brabantia Range

Posted by Neil on 7th Feb 2012


Brabantia offer a range of durable, functional rotary washing lines designed to provide easy and efficient drying solutions, all made in accordance with the best Brabantia traditions: solid, functional and top quality. Often considered one of the leading ranges of airers, we take a look at the different products held within this range and how suitable they are for you and your family.

First in the range is the durable and weather resistant Topspinner rotary dryer which features 4 steel arms and 45mm diameter aluminium main tube and is available with 40, 50 or 60 metres of drying length. The dryer-arms turn smoothly even when fully loaded with wet washing, allowing easy loading and efficient drying.

One of the most popular airers in the range is the  Lift-O-Matic, using the special Lift-O-Matic system you can adjust the dryer to your ideal working height, put your wet washing in place then hoist it up to its full height and then leave the wind to do the rest. The dryer is seamlessly adjustable between 124-182 cm and is equipped with a 45mm diameter aluminium main tube and 40, 50 or 60 metres of extra-strong line with non-slip profile.

The  Lift-O-Matic Advance rotary dryer is easy and light to operate with the ‘EasyLift’ counter-balance system and is also adjustable to your own working height from 140-190cm. The Lift-O-Matic Advance has an extra sturdy main tube (50 mm diameter) made of anodised aluminium with 50 or 60 metres of drying length.

Also available is the handy 25 metre  WallFix dryer which will fit even the smallest area and folds away into a compact, space-saving unit which means there is no need to carry, set-up or store this washing line because it is fixed to the wall and always ready for use.

When not in use, the Brabantia airers can be collapsed easily and stored in seconds. All of the lines are provided with their respective ground fixtures and boast a 5 year guarantee and are accompanied with a range of accessories including covers, ground tubes and soil spears is also available to compliment your airer.


Sue Bradshaw

Does the lift o matic spin in the wind?


The Brabantia Lift-O-Matic rotary does not spin in the wind. The only rotary that we stock that does spin in the wind is the Brabantia Top Spinner.

Michael Tynen

A critical factor for me is the diameter of the turning circle, and this is a feature frequently not mentioned.


We endeavour to provide as much information as possible on our product listings so you should be able to locate the diagonal span of our rotaries however please get in contact if there is a particular rotary you require further dimensions for.

Loraine Bailey

My new brabantia 50 top spinner does not rotate in the wind is this fault?


The arms rotate smoothly when manually turned by hand so you can stand in one position and allow the free lines to come to you. When fully loaded, there should be some movement in the wind but this would entirely depend on the strength of the wind.

Jonathan Armstrong

What a really helpful appraisal, thank you Neil. Our old Brabantia airer blew over and was wrecked in a gale recently and I was utterly bewildered by all of the options for replacement without a change of ground socket. Now sorted!


You're welcome and great news that you are sorted! Unfortunately, the strong wind we get occasionally in the UK is often a major cause for having to source a replacement. It's good that they are so strong and often last a long time, if they’re lucky enough to miss the fierce weather.