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Philip Morris Welcomes Birkenstock

Philip Morris Welcomes Birkenstock

Posted by Patrick on 20th Mar 2020


It is a definite when said that the summer months can’t come soon enough after the monstrous winter we have endured. What better way to prepare for sunnier times ahead is to treat to yourself to a pair of sandals? Here at Philip Morris and Son we are proud to announce that we are now a stockist of this globally renowned sandal specific shoe brand, Birkenstock’s! We are a practical clothing stockist that believe it is worthwhile to invest in pieces that are functional for the country lifestyle and stand the test of time. From experience we can only agree that Birkenstock is an exceptional phenomenon in a clothing industry characterized by short-lived fashion trends.

The brand prides itself on its orthopaedic routes, committed to the art of making shoes since the seventeenth century. Building up its wealth of unparalleled experience that has been passed down since 1774 through the generations. Johann Adam Birkenstock of Langen-Bergheim, the original founder cobbler of the family started the cultivation of orthopaedic knowledge. In 1896, Konrad of the Birkenstock family started manufacturing flexible footbed soles, a new concept of the time as hard fixed soles was the norm. The concept of a fully malleable, custom-made shoe becomes a reality in 1898 and the Birkenstock brand is born.

We have a massive core collection available and today I am here to talk you through the noteworthy elements, aiding in your buying decision. These sandals truly offer excellent comfort, high functionality and extraordinary quality, standing out from the flood of cheap products that dominate large parts of the consumer world. It is also worth mentioning, as an inventor of the footbed; all of the sandals have an anatomically shaped footbed that benefits every single foot shape with a choice of either a regular thickness or a softer footbed. Whilst our style’s stocked are listed with this information clearly. The soft footbed sandals are always manufactured with the Birkenstock logo printed in blue on the footbed rather than the Regular’s black printing. An easy distinction to remember when browsing these sandals. Environmentally friendly adhesives are also always used in the production process, setting examples worldwide. Noted below are the innovative components every Birkenstock model proudly features.

Birkenstock Footwear Features

Birkenstock Features

1. Deep heel cup

Very deep moulding in the heel area, supporting the foot tissue and holding the heel bone firmly in its natural position.

2. Heel mould

Activating the calf muscles, stabilising the back of the foot. Improving gait and coordination.

3. Interior and exterior longitudinal arch support

The arch supports run alongside the sides of the footbed surrounding the tarsal bones inside and out.

4. Transverse arch support

Support that runs through the middle of the footbed stabilizing the metatarsal bone. Ensuring the foot has a naturally straight and solid stance.

5. Toe grip

Raised indentations at the front of the footbed near the toes. This grip enables the toes to remain loose and spread out in their natural position. Also supporting the natural rolling motion of the toes.

6. Footbed edge

The edge of the footbed is raised up at the front, protecting the toes especially when walking and the rolling motion occurs.

To clear up any confusion there may be around the Birkenstock sizing we have also created a simple table. A Size Guide displaying the European sizing along with the length measurements. It is also important to mention, along with the length of your foot it is also important to be familiar with the width; these sandals are mostly made in two different widths: (N) and (M). M being a Regular width fit, N being a more Narrow fit usually suited to female feet.

Birkenstock Size Guide

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