How to Clean Your Barbour Waxed Jacket: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Clean Your Barbour Waxed Jacket: A Step-by-Step Guide

Posted by Philip Morris and Son on 6th Apr 2023

You’ve invested in a new Barbour waxed jacket that you love. Now you need to care for it. Confused? Our simple guide below will take you through how to clean and maintain your waxed jacket so it’s kept in top-notch condition and you’re kept protected when the weather is at its worst.

Barbour recommends that their waxed jackets are cleaned and rewaxed once a year to ensure longevity and performance. This is not a complicated process and can easily be done at home. A well-maintained jacket can last a lifetime, so it’s well worth making the effort.

Can you wash a Barbour waxed jacket in the washing machine?

The simple answer is that you should never put your waxed jacket in the washing machine! This could permanently strip the wax coating from the jacket and cause irreparable damage. Likewise waxed jackets should not be dry cleaned as, again, the process permanently strips the wax coating which cannot then be rewaxed.

When it comes to caring for delicate fabrics, the general rule of thumb is to avoid heat, including the use of irons and tumble driers, hot water and detergents.

Heat can cause fabrics to shrink, become misshapen or lose their colour. The same applies to the use of hot water – fabrics can become weakened and discoloured if hot water is used. Detergents can also damage delicate fabrics, leaving them looking dull and dingy. When caring for delicate fabrics, it is best to hand wash them in cold water with a mild detergent, and then allow them to air dry naturally.

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How To Clean A Barbour Waxed Jacket

It’s worth bearing in mind that taking care of how your Barbour waxed jacket is stored can help stop some stains and odours from occurring in the first place. By ensuring your jacket is aired and kept in a dry location away from direct sunlight, issues such as mildew can be averted.

When it’s time to give your jacket a clean you will need:

A stiff bristle brush, a clean sponge or soft cloth, white vinegar and a clean cloth for spot treating if needed, and some cold water.

Step 1: Make sure your jacket is bone dry, the first thing to do is to thoroughly brush off any dried-on mud and dirt with a stiff bristle brush. With the jacket laid out on a flat surface, go over it with the brush and if there are any spots of mould or mildew, these should be brushed off as well.

Step 2: Any areas that have stains can then be safely spot-treated with white vinegar. With the vinegar applied to your clean cloth, simply dab it onto the stain. Leave for 10 minutes before removing.

Step 3: Next wipe down your jacket with a clean sponge or soft cloth and cold water (not hot water and no soap or detergents!)

Step 4: Should the lining need attention you can follow the same process. Turn the jacket inside out and spot treat with white vinegar before wiping it down. You should avoid soaking the lining and getting it too wet. Odour neutralisers such as Febreeze can be useful but make sure to avoid soaking and getting any on the waxed outer.

Step 5: Place your jacket in a space with good air circulation and let it air dry. Once your jacket is all clean and dry the next step is to re-wax it. 

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How To Re-Wax A Barbour Jacket

Barbour recommends that your waxed jacket be reproofed annually to ensure its waterproof performance remains at its best. This process involves applying a fresh layer of wax over the entire jacket and is something that you can easily do yourself at home.

Doing this will ensure that your jacket is able to keep you protected from the elements for many years to come. Reproofing your waxed jacket on a regular basis is an important step in making sure that your jacket is able to perform its best for as long as possible.

You will need; a tin of Barbour Wax Thornproof dressing, a pan or bowl of hot water and a clean cloth.

Step 1: Once you have followed the steps above to clean your jacket, first soften the wax. Take a tin of Barbour Wax Thornproof dressing and, with the lid removed, stand it in your pan or bowl of hot water. Leave until the wax has softened to a liquid consistency. This should take approximately 20 minutes.

Step 2: Next apply the liquid wax using your clean cloth, working it well into the fabric. Take your time and work your way across the whole outside of the jacket, making sure you pay particular attention to seams, creases and areas that are dry. Remove any excess wax as you go. Keep the tin of wax in the hot water as you work so that the consistency remains soft.

Step 3: Once you are happy with the coverage, you can use a hairdryer to ensure you get an extra smooth finish. Gently blow the hairdryer over the jacket to even out the spread of the wax. Don’t hold it too close, as this could heat the wax up again causing it to run.

Step 4: Place the jacket in a comfortable and warm spot to air dry for at least 12 hours. We suggest avoiding it touching anything that is made of leather or has upholstery, as there may be a slight amount of wax that comes off the jacket temporarily after being waxed.

Just like that, your jacket is ready to go for another year!

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Barbour Repair, Re-Wax and Cleaning Service

If your favourite Barbour jacket requires more specialised attention to restore it to its former glory, Barbour offers a complete repair, re-wax, and cleaning service. On the Barbour website, you can select the specific service you need, which ranges from cleaning and re-waxing to specific repairs and alterations.

From repairing worn-out stitching to replacing broken zippers and buttons, Barbour's expert team can help to bring your jacket back to its peak condition. The re-waxing service will help to restore the original waxed finish to your jacket, and the cleaning service can help to remove any dirt and stains, ensuring your jacket looks as good as new.

Cleaning a waxed Barbour jacket at home may seem like a daunting task, but with the right materials and steps, it can be done easily and effectively. By following the steps discussed in this blog, you can ensure that your Barbour jacket stays in great condition and lasts for years to come.

Remember to always avoid soap and detergent, avoid hot water and never use a washing machine or dryer to clean your jacket. With a little care and attention, your Barbour jacket will continue to be a reliable and stylish staple in your wardrobe.