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Black Friday Fever!

Black Friday Fever!

Posted by Briannie on 25th Nov 2015

Philip Morris Direct Black Friday

#Black Friday Fever

The countdown has begun across the nation!

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This year Black Friday has returned once more to the UK. Black Friday, originally an American celebrated tradition, has slowly made its way across the steady North Atlantic Ocean and made itself known in the UK within the past year or so. This one particular day of the year marks the first Friday after thanksgiving, or as we have come to know it in Britain, the first Friday before December.

So what is Black Friday? Black Friday has now become a big part of our Christmas time shopping routine. For those who haven’t quite experienced Black Friday fever yet, can you remember the news headlines last November? Our television screens were covered with flashing images of people piling up on top of TV’s, and scenes of people clambering on top of one another trying to grab the best bargain. It is the only day in the year that gives everybody the opportunity to squeeze in some discounted Christmas shopping, (which is always a bonus!). Big named stores and little independent shops will release highly discounted offers and outstanding bargains on certain products online and in store for a limited time only. But you have to be quick; these items are usually gone within a blink of an eye!

In China there is a very similar event commonly referred to as Singles Day. This day is associated with being the polar opposite to Valentine’s Day, as it is intended for those who spent Valentine’s Day without a significant other. Singles Day was designed for people to treat themselves on discounted items. Some people believe that this could possibly be where the idea of Black Friday could have stemmed from.

Christmas has always been an extremely busy time of year for businesses big and small; it is when most companies make the most profit in their annual retailing year. This is because most people are busy popping in and out of shops gathering up sentimental gifts for their loved ones.

So where did the name Black Friday come from? Surrounded by connotations of slavery and the rise and fall of profit in the retailing world; it has gained many speculations to where the name originated from. However, no one seems to have the exact answer. Although people aren’t quite sure where the term “Black Friday” comes from, it has by no means driven people away from the hustle and bustle of it all. This American tradition has certainly made an impact upon millions of people’s Christmas shopping across Britain.

So to commemorate this new found Christmas sensation, we have handpicked a collection of superb items that we think will make wonderful winter gifts for either yourself or for family and friends! Products subject to stock availability...

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