Victorian Kitchen Maid Clothes Airer

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These Victorian Kitchen Maid® clothes airers have four wooden laths spaced in equal distances apart to allow enough room to hand your washing on. They can be installed in most any ceiling spaces, including sloped ceilings and staircases. Pulley wheels are attached to the top so the whole unit can be raised or lowered. Use the lower position to fill with clothing that just need airing or your washing that needs drying. The raised position offers the opportunity to reuse room space and utilise the warmth near the ceiling because warm air rises. Our Kitchen Maid® pulley clothes airers are easy to fit and each airer comes with easy to follow installation instructions. Strong ropes are used to operate the lifting and lowering of the dryer. Attractive metal supports hold the wooden laths in place and the space for the ropes with pulleys to attach. A various selection of colours are available and these are made from cast iron. Depending on the look your after, we sell more deluxe finishes in brass with a chrome finish or an attractive solid brass, so you're sure to find a match to any décor.

Key Features

  • Sent direct from the manufacturing warehouse
  • Choice of colours and sizes
  • 4 wooden laths with enough space for some of the thickest washing
  • 2 pulley wheels that attach to the ceiling
  • Strong rope with a horn cleat to attach to the wall
  • 2 metal end supports with a choice of colour finishes to suit any decor
  • Choice of cast iron, solid brass or the more deluxe brass chrome plated
  • The whole unit can be raised or lowered
  • Can be installed in most any ceiling spaces, even staircases
  • Utilise and re-use room space when the dryer is raised
  • Warm air rises so the warmth near the ceiling helps dry the washing
  • Includes easy to follow installation instructions


Colours: Black, Lacquer, Ivory, Pewter, White, Blue, Green, Burgundy

MPC: A416, A2052 Solid Brass, A2055 Solid Brass & Chrome Finish


Size Guides / SpecificationLess

Victorian Clothes Dryer Sizes

4 wooden laths with a choice of lengths:

  • 0.9 metres or 90cm or 34.9 inches approx.
  • 1.2 metres or 120cm or 47.2 inches approx.
  • 1.5 metres or 150cm or 59.1 inches approx.
  • 1.8 metres or 180cm or 70.9 inches approx.
  • 2.1 metres or 210cm or 82.7 inches approx.
  • 2.4 metres or 240cm or 94.5 inches approx.



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