The Fine Bedding Company Spundown Extra Large Pillow

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An Extra Large version of the new and improved Spundown pillow, designed for medium support with maximum comfort. With a beautifully soft cotton blend outer material and a 100% Smartfil® Microfibre filling, which is warm, soft and light, it guarantees a good nights sleep! Also it loves to be washed, so it will have a long, not-mishaped, pillow life - no matter how much it's washed. 


Key Features

  • Extra large design
  • 55% Cotton, 45% Modal firesafe outer material
  • 100% Smartfil® Microfibre filling 
  • Machine washable at home
  • Medium support
  • Non allergenic
  • Smartfil® is unique to The Fine Bedding Company and refers to the advanced fibre technology we use to fill our premium synthetic duvets, pillows and toppers. Alternatively described as ‘clever sleep technology’ it has been specifically designed to deliver a great night’s sleep, with properties that surpass that of natural down. Smartfil® pillows are filled with plump mini ball clusters which retain their shape even after washing. The cluster fibres are so small that they move freely to ensure even distribution to cushion & support the head & neck, whatever the level of firmness chosen. The Fine Bedding Company's highly specialised, unique manufacturing system allows for enhanced air flow through the products, thus providing exceptional breathability. Smartfil® products are a great non allergenic alternative to natural bedding, with the added benefit of being washable whilst retaining their quality.


Manufacturing ref: F1PLFNSDXL


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Product Guide


An extra large pillow with medium support and Smartfil® Microfibre filling. It is extremely soft, light and provides maximum comfort.

Size: 91cm x 48cm approx. or 36 inches x 19 inches approx.

Cotton Blend Cover
Cotton Blend
Medium Support
Home Wash at 60 Degrees
Home Wash at
60 Degrees
Non Allergenic
Clever Sleep Technology
Clever Sleep

Perfect for: customers who want a large supportive pillow that can be washed at home at 60°C – the temperature that kills dust mites. Part of the synthetic-pillow bedding range.



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