The Big Cheese Rat Cage Trap

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Live traps are a poison free, humane way to remove rodents form the garden, shed, garage or house. We have a variety traps, all fully assembled and ready to use, with clear instructions and trapping tips on the pack. 

Key Features

  • Manufactured from long-lasting galvanized mesh
  • Features a single entry sprung door
  • Features carrier handles and protective hand plates
  • Safe easy transportation and removal of the rodent
  • Suitable for use indoors or out 

Dimensions: 40cm x 16cm x 16cm approx


Rats make its habitat wherever food and shelter are plentiful. Parks and recreational areas, older industrial areas, rail yards and back alleys are a real breeding ground for rats. They prefer damp areas. Sewers, abandoned warehouses and garbage refuges are also places that rats live due to the abundance of food. The Norway rat typically likes to live in burrows underground or inside walls, whereas the roof rat loves to climb and can be found in upper levels of buildings. Roof rats use nests and make their home in trees or vines. Roof and Norway rats are omnivorous and will consume many different types of plant and animal foods such as seed that has been spilled from bird feeders or pet food that has been left outdoors. One ounce of food is all that is needed in one day for a rat to survive with some access to water. Rats eat seeds, vegetables, insects, meat refuse, bird eggs, and given the opportunity, will devour small mammals and mice. 


STV075 250663



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