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Emma Bridgewater

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  • Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot Small Mug
  • Emma Bridgewater Red Anemone Half Pint Mug
  • Emma Bridgewater Rise & Shine 6.5 Inch Plate
  • Emma Bridgewater Rise & Shine French Bowl
  • Emma Bridgewater Rise & Shine Medium Pasta Bowl
  • Emma Bridgewater Scottish Terrier Half Pint Mug
  • Emma Bridgewater Special Things Half Pint Mug
  • Emma Bridgewater Spring Lambs Half Pint Mug

It's distinctive, it's strong and it's very, very British, Emma Bridgewater has become a sensation in the pottery world with a selection of kitchenware, dinner plate, side plate and tea plate, cereal bowl, pasta bowl, coffee, tea and sugar storage jars to mugs and teacups and saucers, teapots and milk jugs and more. It's a range that will really allow you to make a collection of one range that you love, or mix and match from various ranges for a wonderfully eccentric collection with it's distinct style and shape bringing it all together!

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