Denby Natural Canvas Tableware

Denby Natural Canvas

Denby Natural Canvas Espresso SaucerItem on sale
  • Hand-made Denby stoneware saucer.
  • Made in Derbyshire, England.
  • Neutral colour design
Was £8.00 NOW £6.40
Denby Natural Canvas Dessert BowlItem on sale
  • Fine stoneware bowl.
  • Perfect for desserts as well as soups.
  • Made by hand in England
Was £10.00 NOW £7.95
Denby Natural Canvas Small PlateItem on sale
  • Small Denby stoneware plate.
  • Ideal for starters and sides.
  • Made from Derbyshire clay
Was £10.00 NOW £7.95
Denby Natural Canvas Textured Espresso CupItem on sale
  • Large espresso cup.
  • Hand-crafted in England.
  • Dishwasher, oven and microwave safe
Was £10.00 NOW £7.95
Denby Natural Canvas Textured Sugar BowlItem on sale
  • Stoneware Denby sugar bowl.
  • Also can be used as a Ramekin.
  • Hand made in Derbyshire
Was £10.00 NOW £7.95
Denby Natural Canvas Cereal BowlItem on sale
  • Fine Denby cereal bowl.
  • Made from local clay in Derbyshire.
  • Hand crafted and glazed
Was £12.00 NOW £9.95
Denby Natural Canvas Large MugItem on sale
  • Denby stoneware large mug.
  • Large, comfortable handle.
  • Hand crafted and glazed in England
Was £12.00 NOW £9.95
Denby Natural Canvas Medium PlateItem on sale
  • Stoneware Denby plate.
  • Hand glazed in England.
  • Scratch, stain and chip resistant
Was £12.00 NOW £9.95
Denby Natural Canvas Dinner PlateItem on sale
  • Large stoneware plate.
  • Hand made in Denby, Derbyshire.
  • Made from the finest local clay
Was £14.00 NOW £10.95
Denby Natural Canvas Pasta BowlItem on sale
  • Large Denby pasta bowl.
  • Crafted by hand in England.
  • Dishwasher, freezer and oven safe
Was £14.00 NOW £10.95
Denby Natural Canvas Textured Large Mug
  • Large stoneware mug from Denby.
  • Textured chevron pattern.
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe
Denby Natural Canvas Textured Small JugItem on sale
  • Hand made Denby jug.
  • Stylish, neutral colour.
  • Made in England from local clay
Was £20.00 NOW £15.95
Denby Natural Canvas Small Rectangular PlatterItem on sale
  • Denby stoneware serving platter.
  • Made by hand in England.
  • Glazed by hand
Was £25.00 NOW £19.95
Denby Natural Canvas 2 Piece Mug SetItem on sale
  • Set of 2 textured stoneware mugs.
  • Stylish gift boxed set.
  • Hand made Denby mugs
Was £28.00 NOW £21.95
Denby Natural Canvas 4 Piece Espresso SetItem on sale
  • Gift-boxed espresso gift set.
  • Includes 2 cups and 2 saucers.
  • Hand-made stoneware
Was £35.00 NOW £27.95
Denby Natural Canvas Serving BowlItem on sale
  • Large Denby serving bowl.
  • Durable stoneware serving dish.
  • Hand made in Derbyshire, England
Was £35.00 NOW £27.95
Denby Natural Canvas Textured Medium JugItem on sale
  • Medium sized Denby jug.
  • Fine, handmade stoneware.
  • Glazed to prevent chipping
Was £35.00 NOW £27.95
Denby Natural Canvas 4 Piece Pasta Bowl SetItem on sale
  • Set of 4 Denby stoneware pasta bowls.
  • Hand made in England.
  • Gift boxed set
Was £55.00 NOW £39.95
Denby Natural Canvas Large PlatterItem on sale
  • Large stoneware serving platter.
  • Hand made in England.
  • Dishwasher and oven safe
Was £50.00 NOW £39.95
Denby Natural Canvas 4 Piece Dinner Plate SetItem on sale
  • Set of 4 Denby dinner plates.
  • Robust stoneware.
  • Complete with gift box
Was £55.00 NOW £44.00
Denby Natural Canvas Textured TeapotItem on sale
  • Denby stoneware tea pot.
  • Made and glazed by hand in Derbyshire.
  • Large 920ml capacity
Was £60.00 NOW £47.95
Denby Natural Canvas Textured CafetiereItem on sale
Free UK delivery
  • Gift boxed Denby cafetiere.
  • Made from Derbyshire stoneware clay.
  • Hand-crafted
Was £75.00 NOW £59.95
Denby Natural Canvas 3 Piece Tea SetItem on sale
Free UK delivery
  • Denby stoneware tea service.
  • Includes teapot and small jug.
  • Also includes a sugar bowl
Was £90.00 NOW £72.00
Denby Natural Canvas 16 Piece Tableware Set
Free UK delivery
  • Denby dinnerware starter set.
  • Includes 4 dinner plates and 4 small plates.
  • Also includes 4 mugs and 4 bowls

New for 2016, we are delighted to present the newest addition to the  dinnerware collection. This collection has been designed with modern living in mind. It offers all the beauty and benefits of stoneware and combines them with the attractive simplicity as the white collection. The textured Chevron pattern seen on some pieces in this collection is inspired by the Chevron pattern on the sixties and seventies.


All pieces in this tableware collection have been hand made in Derbyshire by skilled artisans. Each piece undegoes rigorous quality control and only perfection is accepted. Every single item is glazed by hand so no two items will ever be exactly the same. The unique glaze offers warmth to each piece and also helps make them chip, stain and scratch resistant. Every single piece of pottery can pass through as many as 20 pairs of hands before it leaves the factory.


The neutral colour of the tableware in this range allows each piece to fit in seamlessly with nearly any decor. The special glaze makes the stoneware incredibly robust making it well suited to the rigours of everyday use. 


Such is the quality and durability of their tableware, they are proud to offer a 10 year guarantee on their Made in England stoneware ranges, gving you all the confidence you need to really love and enjoy your range. What's more, if you register your guarantee online and tell us which range you're collecting, we also commit to giving you 12 month's notice if production of your range is likely to stop, in order that you can complete your set.

The guarantee applies to the original owner, whether a self-purchase or a received as a gift. The guarantee covers faulty workmanship and/or materials when the product is used in normal, domestic situations and in accordance with the care and use instructions provided. It does not cover normal wear and tear, commercial use or misuse of the product.

Philip Morris and Son are proud Denby stockists. If you need any advice about any of the pieces in this collection please call us on 01432 377089 and member of our China and Tabletop team will be happy to assist with any queries that you may have.