Denby Dinnerware


Denby's handcrafted stoneware is made from the strongest Derbyshire clay. It is fully vitrified which gives extra strength, durability and chip resistance. Each range has a beautiful but totally unique glaze which each has its own secret recipe.

Imperial Blue

Denby's iconic Imperial Blue collection features bright blues and crisp whites which give a bold and timeless feel. This celebrated range is 25 years in the making but it is still one of the most popular and enduring designs and shows no signs of going out of fashion.

Regency Green

The more tranquil sibling to Imperial Blue, also expertly crafted for over 25 years. Regency Green's subtle sage green palette makes for a blissful and breezy range with a delicate feel. However delicate it may look, it's super strong thanks to the clay used to make it and the fact it is fired twice!


This effortlessly simple range is designed to blend in to any environment. It's calming and neutral oatmeal tones are understated yet sophisticated. The simple aesthetic belies the attention to detail that goes into each peice, from hand painted rims to the Denby seal of approval.


The popular Halo range is the very definition of handcrafted. Whilst each product is in the kiln, two tones of Denby's special secret Halo glaze are expertly fused together using challenging techniques to create a mesmerising effect. This process means that no two peices of Halo are the same. 


The captivating and vibrant emerald green of the Greenwich works perfectly on its own, although it makes a flamboyant match for the more subdued tones of Regency Green. Speaking of green, Denby are the first UK tableware manufacturer to be able to claim 'zero to landfill' for all process waste. 

Lucille Gold

Made of fine china and inspired by a 1950's lace panel. Monsoon fine china is soft cream in colour and is also fully vitirified, making it strong and functional as you'd expect from Denby. 

Filigree Silver

A collection of fine china tableware with a filigree-inspired silver pattern on soft cream china. Filigree silver makes the perfect tablewear set for special occasions, but is also robust enough for everyday use.