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Sabatier IS Knives

Sabatier IS Knives

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  • Stellar Sabatier IS 5 Piece Dark Wood Knife Block Set
  • Stellar Sabatier IS 18cm Carving Fork
  • Stellar Sabatier IS Poultry Shears
  • Stellar Sabatier IS 12cm Serrated Steak Knife
  • 15cm Stellar Sabatier IS Flexible Carving / Filleting Knife
  • 15cm Stellar Sabatier IS Cooks Knife
  • 20cm Stellar Sabatier IS Carving Knife

The Sabatier® & Stellar® combination of Carbon- Chrome-Molybdenum and Vanadium Steel offers the advantages of easy sharpening with extended edge life and resistance to rust and stains. Blades have a full length ‘tang’ which extends into the handle and the craftsman-ground edges will retain their sharpness through expert hardening and tempering. With a Stellar lifetime guarantee, you will enjoy easy meal preparation for many years to come. 

Stellar Sabatier Knives