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Maglite Torches and Accessories

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Torches and Accessories

What is Maglite?

A Mag-Lite is designed tough enough to last a lifetime, whilst at the same time offering a truly balanced efficient lighting system. After years of research and tests, Anthony Maglica produced the Maglite which took the world by storm and change the classic idea of unreliable torches into its own and created a life lasting and reliable torch. This is precisely why more police, security, emergency, medical, fire professionals around the world have come to rely on Mag-Lite flashlights. A maglite can come in many different sizes. Whether you want one of your holster or to look for the dog in the back garden, Maglite torches are a lifestyle based product and thought of specially for specific reasons.

Maglite in our store

Here at Philip Morris we have become well known for our clothing and equipment for shooters. A maglite could be the cheap alternative to the hunting lamp you are looking for. It could the torch you need for a camping trip. Maglite's can be used for such a wide range of activities that they are something everyone could use. We also have a range of accessories that include replacement bulbs and flashlight holsters.

We are pleased to quote quantity rates for Maglite products & we will accept official MOD & Police Orders. If you have any questions please contact us or come in store to speak to our gunroom staff who are experts in their field.