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Teales Shooting Accessories

Teales Devonshire 12 Bore Leather Cartridge Belt
Free UK delivery
  • 12 Gauge Bridle cartridge belt.
  • Personalisation option.
  • 25 cartridge spaces
Teales Huntsman Leather Cartridge Bag
Free UK delivery
  • Manufactured using 18oz cotton.
  • Water resistant fabric.
  • Holds 100 shells
Was £94.99 NOW £80.95
Teales Devonshire Leather Cartridge Bag
Free UK delivery
  • Holds 100 shells.
  • Stitched with tough thread.
  • Crafted from tanned leather
Was £114.99 NOW £97.95
Teales Huntsman Leather and Canvas Gun Slip
Free UK delivery
  • Crafted from 18oz cotton canvas.
  • Up to 30 inches.
  • Inner wool lining
Was £129.99 NOW £110.95
Premier Leather Cartridge Bag in Dark Brown
Free UK delivery
  • Holds 100 shells
  • Buff harness tanned leather hide
  • Stitched with strong, oiled thread
Was £129.99 NOW £110.95
Devonshire Leather Zip Around Gun Slip
Free UK delivery
  • Oiled, leather skin.
  • Stitched with strong thread.
  • Secured with robust zip
Was £154.99 FROM £131.95
Teales Devonshire Leather Gun Slip
Free UK delivery
  • Oiled and tanned leather hide.
  • Fold over case.
  • Synthetic wool inner lining
Was £159.99 FROM £135.95
Teales Premier Leather Loader Bag Harness Brown
Free UK delivery
  • Holds 200 shells (250 at a push).
  • Large mouth for easy access.
  • Fine, polished leather
Was £199.99 NOW £169.95
Teales Premier Zip Around Gun Slip
Free UK delivery
  • Slightly lighter zip around.
  • Buff harness leather skin.
  • Holds up to 30 inches
Was £199.99 NOW £169.95
Premier Buckle Flap Gun Slip Harness Brown
Free UK delivery
  • Strong brass Buckle flap.
  • Buff harness leather hide.
  • Sewed with strong, oiled thread
Was £209.99 FROM £178.95

Teales Premium Sporting Goods

Who are Teales?

Teales are a new Premium Sporting Goods company, owned and run by people with a passion for shooting. They looked at the market and felt that something needed to be changed. They decided this because they could see that the products at the bottom end of the market were poor and the products at the top of the market were ridiculously overpriced. Teales mission was to find the perfect balance in-between these ends of the market and to produce the best quality, beautifully designed, traditionally crafted goods at truly affordable prices.

What do Teales do?

Teales specialise in gun slips, cartridge bags and wallets / certificate holders. They offer three fantastic different ranges:

The Premier Range:

This collection has been crafted using leather hides, not, however, any old leather hides. They have used top quality saddle hides as they know they will be performing well long after the guns have been hung up! They also use a special drum dying process with their premier products as they think this gives them a premium look and feel.


The Devonshire range:

The Devonshire collection is manufactured using world "Oiled leather". The oiled leather style brings a modern take on a traditional look allowing you to shoot with style. The oiled leather style also results in a finish that is easy to clean, difficult to scratch, as well as highly water resistant.


The Huntsman range:

The Huntsman collection is made from 18oz cotton canvas. This fabric is laminated with rubber to provide waterproof resistant fabric, greater firmness and greater robustness. Each product is trimmed with thick leather, which is also used in the straps. All the products from the Huntsman range feature solid brass only.

What is the difference between Teales products and other brands?

Teales products finds the perfect balance between good quality and a reasonable price. Compare the quality to similar products that are twice or three times the price and you will find it hard to distinguish the difference between them. Compare the quality and price with the lower end and you will have a very pleasant surprise.

The Teales promise

Teales promise that their goods will last and last. They intend them to be passed down between families again and again to be enjoyed and used by many generations.