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Pen Knives and Leatherman Tools

Why have a pocket knife?

Pocket knives are useful to have when hunting. There are multiple functions of a pocket knife. In our range we have tools like rulers, screwdrivers, saw blades, pliers and even a wood file. Pocket knives are able to do many things, which are good because you can carry out daily chores that you may come across. However you must be careful when carrying a pocket knife because it can be seen as an offensive weapon. Unless you have good reason, the police will not hesitate to arrest you if stopped. We recommended only carrying a pocket knife when out hunting, or at home.

Our range

Avast range of pen knives and multi-tools by Victorinox and Leatherman. Featuring everything you will ever require, from the small and useful - such as the Leatherman Kick or the Victorinox Signature which feature the essential tools - right up to the all-encompassing and comprehensive tools, like the Swiss Champ with over 25 features and the versatile Leatherman Charge range. Our range allows avid shooters to carry tools that they could need at any time. Hunting in the wildlife is a big task and sometimes needs tools you wouldn't normally carry but with a pocket knife anything is possible. These knives are not toys, but tools specified for sportsmen and workmen.

We also stock a range of accessories including belt pouches and replacement parts.

If you have any other questions about our Leatherman and Victorinox collections then please contact us or come in to the gun store and speak to our experts.