Gun Mounted Hunting Lamps

Deben Tactical Xenon Illuminator Scope Lamp HK3505
  • Scope mounted lamp.
  • Ilumination range of up to 25 yards.
  • Remote and integral switches
Clulite Rechargeable Pistol Light
Free UK delivery
  • Rechargeable LED shooting light.
  • Ergonomic pistol grip style lamp.
  • Light beam reaches up to 400m
Clulite Super Bright LED Gunlight
Free UK delivery
  • Powerful LED gunlight.
  • Super bright 125m spotlight beam.
  • Push button and universal scope mount included
Deben Tactical Scope Mounted Laser Xenon light combo Kit
Free UK delivery
  • Tactical laser combo kit.
  • Red dot sight and LED light.
  • Xenon target illuminator range 25yds
Clulite Pro Scanner 1000 LED Gunlight
Free UK delivery
  • Lightweight wide beam LED gunlight.
  • High powered, rechargeable battery.
  • Light beam reaches up to 300m
Clulite Red Eye Mounted Gunlight
Free UK delivery
  • Gun mounted shooting light.
  • Tinted red filtered LED lamp
  • Powerful 200 metre spotlight beam
Clulite Mini Laser LED Gunlight
Free UK delivery
  • Super bright 1000 lumens LED light.
  • Powerful light beam reaches up to 400m.
  • High powered gun mounted lamp
Clulite Trio Pro LED Gunlight Package
Free UK delivery
  • Powerful gun mounted shooting lights.
  • Interchangeable filtered LED bulbs.
  • Rechargeable battery

What we have

Gun mounted hunting lamps from Deben, Tracer and Lightforce utilise the latest LED technology to offer the ultimate in performance and brightness. Gun mounted hunting lamps are suitable for use as a hand held torch as well as weapon mounting. Accessories for gun mounted hunting lamps include coloured filters, replacement bulbs, batteries and chargers. LED's do not burn out or fail like conventional torch bulbs and are far less vulnerable to impact damage.

Why have a gun mounted torch?

Gun mounted torches are useful for a single person who is hunting. They allow the shooter to have a torch and not have to swap between the two items. This means they save time, don't lose sight of the target and can kill it before it gets away. Most torches have a button or adjustment switch that you can attach to your gun to control the light in different areas. Almost all of the mountable torches can become a handheld torch as well. If you are unsure on anything and would like to ask an expert some questions you can come into the gun room, or you can contact us via email or phone.