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Jack Pyke

Please browse through the Philip Morris Gunroom services on offer!

Jack Pyke Flying Decoy Cradle
  • Metal flying cradle for bird decoys.
  • Props birds up in a flight position.
  • Featuring a clamp fixing
Bisley Plastic Snap Caps
  • Pair of spring loaded caps.
  • Ideal for dry firing.
  • Reduce stress on the springs in storage
Jack Pyke Steel Decoy Lofting Hook
  • Steel lofting hook for decoys.
  • Hold decoys 50cm from the ground.
  • Weighted hook with ground spike
Bisley Alloy Snap Caps
  • Pair of alloy snap caps.
  • 12, 16, 20 and 410 gauge available.
  • Ideal for dry firing
Bisley Leather Sling by David Nickerson
  • Leather rifle sling.
  • Adjustable up to 45 inches.
  • Non-slip rubber lining
Jack Pyke Flocked Flying Pigeon Decoy
  • Fully flocked plastic pigeon decoy.
  • Foam wings.
  • Holes either side to take to a cradle
Bisley English Canvas Rifle Sling
  • Robust canvas rifle sling.
  • 2 inch width.
  • Adjustable between 26 and 42 inches
Bisley Pleated Leather Rifle Sling
  • Pleated leather rifle sling.
  • Made from greased leather.
  • Adjustable between 39 and 42 inches
Primos 2 Point Gun Rest Stick Mount
  • Primos mountable gun rest.
  • Extends for ultimate comfort.
  • Use on Primos gun sticks

Jack Pyke Shooting Accessories

A range of products from Jack Pyke of England stocked by independent family run store Philip Morris & Son established in 1845.


Jack Pyke of England is manufactured by Thatchreed Ltd, a UK company trading in the outdoor market for over 30 years.

Most distinguishable from the vast range of Jack Pyke products is the camouflage patterns which have been designed exclusively for use in the UK, with many accessories produced in the following designs: English Oak, English Woodland & Wildlands.

The English Oak pattern is the original pattern for Jack Pyke products which is designed to camouflage in the Autumn and Winter months of the shooting season.

The English Woodland design was developed following requests for a greener camouflage pattern suitable for the Spring and Summer seasons.

In contrast to both of these the Wildlands pattern uses grass, bushes and leaves of a medium brown shade to provide coverage amongst reeds, harvested crops and dry grass for most seasons throughout the year. 


Should you need any advice on which of the patterns and products from the Jack Pyke of England range would suit your needs then please feel free to get in contact with us and our shooting team here at Philip Morris & Son will be happy to help. 


Jack Pyke of England Shooting Accessories