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Hearing Protection

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  • Beretta B-Wild 50 Shell Pouch
  • Beretta Barrel Toe Rest Pad

    Beretta Barrel Toe Rest Pad

    £19.95 £16.95
  • Beretta Challenge Shooting Glasses Clear
  • Beretta Challenge Shooting Glasses Purple
  • Beretta Challenge Shooting Glasses Yellow
  • Beretta Gridshell Earmuffs

    Beretta Gridshell Earmuffs

    £39.95 £33.95
  • Beretta Mini Head Set Ear Tips
  • Beretta Prevail Folding Ear Defenders
  • Beretta Set of 3 Shotgun Brushes Steel
  • Beretta Three Lens Shooting Glasses
  • Bisley Active Electronic Ear Defenders
  • Bisley Compact Ear Defenders
  • Napier Comfy Ear Plugs
  • Peltor Bulls Eye 1 Ear Defenders
  • Peltor Ear Defenders SportTac Ear Protection
  • Peltor Kids Earmuffs

We have a great range of approved ear defenders for hearing protection during shooting, gardening, construction and other loud activities. Ranging from foam ear defenders right up to electronic hearing protection which amplifies quieter sounds but only allows a maximum of 85dB at the ear, thus cutting out harmful noise such as a gunshot.

Ear Defenders