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Protection Sprays, Oils and Maintenance

Bisley Bore Cleaner
  • Removes gunpowder deposits.
  • Leaves a rust-proof film.
  • 125ml tin
Bisley - Silicone Gun Oil
  • Produces a high sheen finish on all airguns.
  • Highly water repellent.
  • Non Gumming
  • £5.95
    Bisley Gun Oil Aerosol 150ML
    • Aerosol spray gun oil.
    • Bisley gun cleaning equipment.
    • 150ml aerosol can
    Birchwood Casey Blue & Rust Remover
    • Removes rust and old gun blueing.
    • Easy to apply.
    • Will not damage base metal
    Bisley Gun Oil Tin 125ML
    • High quality Bisley gun oil.
    • 125ml Tin.
    • Prevents corrosion and rust
    Birchwood Casey Walnut Stain 3oz
    • Water-soluble stain.
    • 3oz Solution.
    • True, brown walnut colour
    Bisley - Gun Blue Gel
    • Easy to use gun blue gel.
    • Gives deep even blueing
    • Reblue worn and scratched gun barrels
    Bisley Gun Grease
  • Improves performance and reliability.
  • Reduces maintenance.
  • High load bearing characteristic
  • £7.95
    Bisley - Gun Lubricant
  • Non dieseling and non-gumming.
  • Maximises power by reducing drag.
  • Acts as a rust inhibitor
  • £7.95
    Napier Of London Power Airgun Grease
    • Napier airgun grease.
    • Air rifle cleaning.
    • Use on springs without damaging components
    Napier Power Pellet Lube Spray Bottle
    • Power Pellet Lube.
    • Seals skirt of pellets.
    • Improves gyroscopic effect.
    Birchwood Casey Gun Stock Sheen & Conditioner
    • Gun stock polish.
    • Removes surface imperfections.
    • Protects against handling
    Birchwood Casey Gun Stock Wax
    • Enhances and protects wood.
    • Provides a water repellent film.
    • Helps to prevent cracking
    Birchwood Casey Super Gloss Black Touch-Up Pen
    • Available in 2 finishes.
    • Touch up scratches.
    • Fast drying
    G96 - Gun Blue Stick
  • Easy to carry
  • No waste or spillage
  • Use like a marking pen
  • Was £9.99 NOW £8.95
    Napier Gun Oil Aerosol 300ml
    • Napier gun oil lubricant.
    • 300ml aerosol spray can.
    • VP90 corrosion inhibitors
    Napier Rapid Degreaser
    • Powerful blend of solvents.
    • Removes carbon deposits, old grease and oil.
    • Ideal for regular cleaning of chokes and threads
    Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Liquid
    • Gun blue liquid.
    • Touches up scratches and scuffs.
    • Quick drying formula
    Birchwood Casey Tru Oil Gun Stock Finish
    • Gun stock finishing oil.
    • Fast drying finish.
    • 3oz bottle
    Napier Gun Cleaner 300ml
    • Napier award winning gun cleaner.
    • Two in One cleaning lubricant.
    • Remove fouling and dirt
    Napier Power Airgun Oil Aerosol
    • Napier Power airgun products.
    • Rich gun oilwith VP90.
    • Designed for use on airguns
    Browning Legia Spray
    • Cleans, lubricates and protects.
    • Maintains precision gears.
    • Easy to apply and use
    G96 Gun Blue Creme
    • Leaves no streaks or spots, blends perfectly.
    • Won't rub off or discolour.
    • Mirror finish
    Was £13.95 NOW £10.95
    20 Guage Beretta Snap Caps
    • Beretta Snapcaps.
    • Plastic for weight reduction.
    • Incorporating metal cartridge head
    Birchwood Casey Aluminium Black
    • Gunsmiths blackening liquid.
    • Fast drying formula
    • 3oz bottle
    Birchwood Casey Brass Black
    • Fast acting blackening liquid.
    • Suitable for brass, copper and bronze.
    • 3oz bottle
    Birchwood Casey Super Blue Liquid 3oz
    • Double-strength solution.
    • polished steel parts.
    • Also for hardened steels
    Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Liquid Kit
    • Complete gun blueing kit.
    • Includes gun blue, degreaser and rust remover.
    • Full instructions included
    Birchwood Casey Tru Oil Stock Finishing Kit
    • Gun stock finishing kit.
    • Includes finisher, conditioner and walnut stain.
    • Complete instructions included
    Birchwood Casey Perma Blue & Tru Oil Kit
    • Deluxe gun stock finishing kit.
    • Includes Gun blueing items.
    • Full instructions included

    Why it is imporant to clean your gun

    It is important to maintain and clean your gun on a regular basis. We have a variety of cleaning products such as gun oil and lubricant and cleaning equipment including rifle rods, wire brushes and cleaning cloths. A clean barrel, for both rifle and shotgun, will result in a better shot and reduced clipping, hopefully resulting in a more successful day in the field. Without cleaning your gun properly it can become a hazard to use. Every time you shoot your gun a build up of pressure is made when the gunpowder is burnt. The ash from the burnt gunpowder will be pushed through the gaps in the gun, but some of it will stay in the barrel. This ash will stick to the inside of the barrel and will not just fall out. If you let this build up for to long it will cause failure to fire but possibly worse and backfire on the shooter.

    It is important to maintain and clean your gun regularly to ensure an efficient and successful shot, we have a range of cleaning products such as gun blue, gun grease and touch-up paint pens along with the popular BoreSnake for quick and easy cleaning at home or in the field.

    Maintenance liquids

    We have a number of different liquids you can use to clean your gun including oils, lubricants, sprays and grease. Bisley are one fo the worlds best cleaning equipment producers and we stock nothing but the best for our customers. We have a range of Bisley, as well as a spray from browning which is an all in one cleaner, lubricator and protector.