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Gun Cleaning Kits

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  • Bisley English Cleaning Kit
  • Bisley Presentation Cleaning Kit
  • Bisley RW2 Cleaning Kit
  • Bisley SO4 Shotgun Cleaning Kit
  • Browning Legia Spray
  • Hoppes Rifle BoreSnake Gun Cleaner
  • MTM Case-Gard Gunsmith Maintenance Centre
  • Parker Hale Classic Shotgun Cleaning Kit
  • Parker Hale PS1 Shotgun Cleaning Kit
  • Parker Hale PS2 Shotgun Cleaning Kit
  • Parker Hale Sandringham Shotgun Cleaning Kit
  • Rusty Rags Gun Care Kit

Why clean your gun

It is important to maintain and clean your gun on a regular basis. We have a variety of cleaning products such as gun oil and lubricant and cleaning equipment including rifle rods, wire brushes and cleaning cloths. A clean barrel, for both rifle and shotgun, will result in a better shot and reduced clipping, hopefully resulting in a more successful day in the field. Without cleaning your gun properly it can become a hazard to use. Every time you shoot your gun a build up of pressure is made when the gunpowder is burnt. The ash from the burnt gunpowder will be pushed through the gaps in the gun, but some of it will stay in the barrel. This ash will stick to the inside of the barrel and will not just fall out. If you let this build up for to long it will cause failure to fire but possibly worse and backfire on the shooter.

A clean gun will give a more accurate and efficient shot, resulting in more successful shooting. We have a range of cleaning products and cleaning kits which include the necessary tools to maintain a new gun or give your old gun a new lease of life. Also featured is the BoreSnake, This revolutionary item takes the hassle and mess out of cleaning rifles and shotguns.