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Gun Cleaning Accessories

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  • Hoppes Shotgun Boresnake
  • MTM Case-Gard Gunsmith Maintenance Centre
  • Fourbytoo Cleaning Cloth
  • Beretta MicroCore Recoil Pad 10mm
  • Beretta Challenge Shooting Glasses Clear
  • Beretta Hunter Tech Medium Shotgun Slip 129cm
  • Beretta Shotgun Cleaning Kit 20G
  • Beretta Clash Shooting Glasses Yellow
  • Bisley Plastic Snap Caps
  • Bisley Silicone Gun Oil
  • Bisley Payne Galway Bronze Brushes
  • Bisley Fieldsman Shotgun Rod 2 Piece
  • Parker Hale One Piece Rifle Rod
  • Parker Hale Shotgun Rod Extension
  • Bisley Chamber Rod
  • Bisley Rifle Phosphor Bronze Brush
  • Bisley Shotgun Phosphor Bronze Brushes
  • Bisley Shotgun Wool Mops
  • Bisley Rifle Wool Mops
  • Bisley Rifle Brass Jags

    Bisley Rifle Brass Jags

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  • Bisley Shotgun Brass Jags
  • Bisley Shotgun Cleaning Patches
  • Bisley .22 Rifle Cleaning Patches
  • Browning Legia Spray

Cleaning Jags

Brass jags, for shotgun or air rifle, are a fantastic gun cleaning accessory. The split brass jag is designed to take cloth patches to clean and oil the inside of your shotgun or rifle barrel to help achieve an accurate and successful shot.