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Gun Cleaning

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  • Birchwood Casey Blue & Rust Remover
  • Napier Power Airgun Grease
  • Rusty Rags Gun Care Kit
  • Hoppes Rifle BoreSnake Gun Cleaner
  • Parker Hale Sandringham Shotgun Cleaning Kit
  • Parker Hale PS2 Shotgun Cleaning Kit
  • Parker Hale PS1 Shotgun Cleaning Kit
  • Parker Hale Classic Shotgun Cleaning Kit
  • Bisley RW2 Cleaning Kit
  • Bisley Presentation Cleaning Kit
  • Bisley SO4 Shotgun Cleaning Kit
  • Browning Legia Spray

Here at Philip Morris & Son we know that keeping your gun clean is a priority - because we know this, we sell some of the finest gun cleaning equipment around. Whether you are cleaning your airgun, shotgun, or rifle we have all sorts of kits, cloths and rods to get it shining again. We have multiple lubricants, greases and oils to make sure your gun is tip-top and on form for you on shoot day. Bisley do a large range of gun cleaning supplies that will be required for you to maintain your gun properly.

Gun Maintenance