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Shotgun Slips

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  • Beretta 692 Gun Case

    Beretta 692 Gun Case

    £84.95 - £92.95
  • Beretta B-Wild Flap Gun Case
  • Beretta B-Wild Gun Case

    Beretta B-Wild Gun Case

    £54.95 £46.95
  • Beretta B-Wild Packable Rifle Case
  • Beretta Gamekeeper Pocket Soft Rifle Case
  • Beretta Gamekeeper Soft Rifle Gunslip
  • Beretta Light Transformer Medium Gun Case
  • Beretta Transformer Medium Soft Gun Case
  • Beretta Uniform Pro Takedown Slip
  • Bisley Canvas Shotgun Slip
  • Browning Crossfire Gun Slip

    Browning Crossfire Gun Slip

    £55.00 £44.95
  • Browning Masters 2 Pro Shotgun Gunslip
  • Heritage 1845 Canvas and Leather Gunslip
  • Heritage 1845 Leather Gunslip
  • Napier Roller Gun Carrier

    Napier Roller Gun Carrier

    £14.95 - £15.95
  • Purdey Classic Leather Gunslip With Fleece Lining
  • Purdey Nettle Cotton Canvas Single Gunslip with Fleece lining
  • Seeland Design Line Shotgun Slip
  • Teales Huntsman Leather & Canvas Gun Slip Zip Around 30 Inch 966850
  • Teales Premier Buckle Flap Gun Slip

Here at Philip Morris & Son we sell gun slips and gun cases from renowned companies such as Deben, Musto and Beretta. This range includes leather, canvas and nylon gun slips and hard-cases for pistols, rifles and shotguns. There is no safer way to transport and store your firearm.

Why use a gun slip?

Having a bag to carry your gun in isn't the only reason they are there. In the UK it is illegal to have possession of a firearm in a public place, or a place without permission, outside of a gun bag. As well as being in style with maybe a leather slip or solid gun case, you'll be legal and safe as well.

Using a gun bag

A gun bag can be useful when you are walking from peg to peg, or going to a different pen. If you don't want your gun to get dirty or wet then using a gun slip will be a life saver. If you find carrying a gun a pain then you are able to put it into your bag, and just sling it over your shoulder. Gun Bags are the essential thing every shooter needs when it comes to transporting their firearm. A gun bag also shows that you do not mean to harm anyone, if ever stopped by police and that you are a responsible firearms owner.