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Tall Gun Cabinets

Brattonsound MT7+
Free UK deliveryGift with purchase
  • Tall gun cabinet.
  • Built to British standard.
  • 5 point locking door
  • Was £239.95 NOW £189.99
    Brattonsound MT5+
    Free UK deliveryGift with purchase
    • Tall safe for muzzle loaders.
    • Vault-style door.
    • Will hold up to 5 guns
    Brattonsound MT9+
    Free UK deliveryGift with purchase
    • Storage for up to 9 guns.
    • Tall gun safe.
    • Built to British standard
    Burg Wachter Ranger A5S Gun Cabinet
    • Burg Wachter gun storage cabinet.
    • Stores up to 5 long guns.
    • Lockable Internal ammo safe
    from £449.95
    Burg Wachter Ranger W7A/BE Gun Cabinet
    • UK police approved firearms safe.
    • Thick double walled door.
    • Mechanical or electronic options
    from £641.95

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    Tall Gun Cabinets

    Extra tall superior-strength gun cabinets suitable for up to 9 guns. Trusted security design and built to British Standard, with forged steel bolt, reinforced casing & reinforced internal mechanism.

    Access prevention is required by law and the British Home Office state that new gun cabinets and gun safes should conform to the British standard. Secure gun locks are law and the gun safe must be fixed to a secure structure.

    What we have

    Here at Philip Morris & Son, we have your gun safe needs. This department is dedicated to taller gun cabinets so that shotguns, and rifles with a longer barrell length, or additional equipment added on can fit in the cabinet with disassembling the firearm. We have a variety of Brattonsound gun cases that can have from 5-9 guns in. They all come with foam gun dividers and a foam base so you don't damage your guns. All of the cabinets come with a 3 year guarantee against the key operated locks and mechanical failure. All the cabinets we sell are up to British Standard and authorised by the Police. The cabinets must be secure to a stationary postion unless otherwise specified. Come in store or contact us to ask about our range.