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Ammunition Cabinets

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We have superior strength gun cabinets built to British Standard, suitable for smaller firearms such as pistols and also suitable for storing ammunition. Access prevention is required by law and the British Home Office state that new gun cabinets and gun safes should conform to the British standard. Secure gun locks are law and the gun safe must be fixed to a secure structure. This is all part of the British law. Prevention of access to your gun safe must mean that no unauthorised user are using it and are able to open it.

What we have

Philip Morris & Sons want to provide the best quality equipment for your shooting needs. These cabinets could be a nice addition to what you already have. They allow you to store smaller firearms such as pistols. They also let you store plenty of ammunition in a safe place. It's a good alternative spot if you want to seperate your guns from your bullets. Our cabinets are all from Brattonsound which are known for their reinforced doors so they aren't vunerable to attack. Our gun cabinets give you the assortment you could want whether that's a slightly taller cabinet or a deeper cabinet for bulk storage. If you have any other queries then you can either come in store and speak to our gun experts or ring up we will do what we can to help.