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Lokaway Gun Safes

Lokaway Gun Cabinets

Lokaway Gun Safes

Lokaway have been developing safe for all sorts of safety uses since 2002. Using some of the latest advancements on the market, such as swing 'n' slide reinforced doors and anti-drill key plates, Lokaway have managed to create some of the best gun safes on the market for great value.

Swing 'n' Slide Door Technology

Lokaway revolutionary Swing 'n' Slide technology that they use on their doors is simply excellent. It uses internal hinges to slide the door to the side as you swing it open. It offers peace of mind when locking up your cabinet, thieves won't be able to pry your safe open thanks to the simple inverted door design. The hinges can't be cut through, because they're on the inside, and the door can't be pried thanks to the smart, robust sliding mechanism. This amazing technology has been recognised as such an impressive piece of mechanical engineering that it has been patented in over 20 countries. Additional security elements on the doors include a key lock anti-drill plate to prevent any drilling through the locking mechanism to gain access to the guns inside. The gun cabinets using this technology are all very durable and have a heavy duty powder coat finish.

The Range

Lokaway provide a variety of different shotgun and rifle cabinets that all use the swing 'n' slide technology. The Lockaway collection ranges from small cabinets, storing 3-4 guns, all the way up to larger cabinets that can store up to 20 shotguns/rifles. The cabinets are all 1.5m tall providing plenty of space for longer barrelled firearms. Every cabinet has a lockable compartment inside, suitable for storing your ammunition separately from your firearms.