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Gun Cabinets

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  • Brattonsound Atlas 14 Shotgun Safe with DIGITAL Lock AS14DL1
  • Brattonsound MT7+ Extra Tall Muzzle Loader Gun Cabinet
  • Brattonsound MT9+ Extra Tall Muzzle Loader Gun Cabinet
  • Brattonsound PD7 Ammunition Safe
  • Brattonsound SB2 Break Down Gun Cabinet
  • Brattonsound SC2S Bulk Storage Safe
  • Brattonsound SS9+ Gun Cabinet With Storage Shelf
  • Brattonsound ST3 Gun Safe

    Brattonsound ST3 Gun Safe

    £193.00 £169.95
  • Brattonsound ST7+ Gun Cabinet

    Brattonsound ST7+ Gun Cabinet

    £255.00 £209.95
  • Brattonsound ST9+ Gun Safe

    Brattonsound ST9+ Gun Safe

    £310.00 £259.95
  • Brattonsound Titan 10 Rifle Scoped Gun Safe
  • Brattonsound Titan 14 Shotgun Safe
  • Brattonsound Titan 28 Shotgun Safe
  • Lokaway LOK-LB14 Gun Cabinet 14 Gun Key Lock Safe
  • Lokaway LOK-LB20 Gun Cabinet 20 Gun Key Lock Safe

Gun Storage

All firearms protection with Philip Morris & Son are built and tested to British Standard. On the web we have plenty to choose from; all of our current gun safes are manufactured by Brattonsound, Lokaway or BSA. We have different assortments of tall deep cabinets or shorter shallow cabinets. The cabinets we have will fit most of your standard firearms including shotguns, rifles and scoped rifles. We also have pistol safes, which can be used for ammunition. Our smaller safes can still hold up to 5 pistols or plenty of ammunition.


Lokaway safes and gun cabinets. Lokaway is a leading supplier of steel safes, gun safes and fire proof safes. The Swing'n'Slide design provides optimum security for your valued possessions. When buying a Lokaway safe you are buying peace of mind. The Swing'n'Slide provides the ultimate in security.


Brattonsound safes and gun cabinets. Brattonsound has manufacture all types of gunsafes. Dedicated to supplying to shooting sports entusiasts and professional shooting sport establishments. Purchasing a Brattonsound Gunsafe you will be joining thousands of fellow shooters that have put their trust in the brand and their engineering excellence.