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Gun Cabinets

Why Do I Need a Gun Safe?

All our gun cabinets and ammunition gun safes conform to British Standard. A gun cabinet is a secure and protective lockable safe for shotguns, rifles, pistols or ammunition for those guns and are a legal requirement. Gun safes are used to prevent access to unauthorised or unqualified persons and burglary protection. Access prevention is required by law and the British Home Office state that new gun cabinets and gun safes should conform to the British standard. Secure gun locks are law and the gun safe must be fixed to a secure structure. If you are unsure about where to fit a cabinet or safe please contact your local police firearms department.

Our Cabinets

Secure and protective British standard cabinets as storage for one or more firearms and the ammunition. High security locking and damage resistant locks. All firearms protection with Philip Morris & Son are built and tested to British Standard. On the web we have plenty to chose from; all of our current gun safes are manufactured by Brattonsound, Lokaway or BSA. We have different assortments of tall deep cabinets or shorter shallow cabinets. The cabinets we have will fit most of your standard firearms including shotguns, rifles and scoped rifles. We also have pistol safes, which can be used for ammunition. Our smaller safes can still hold up to 5 pistols or plenty of ammuniton.


We also sell cabinet accessories. Our accessories consist of mounting brackets, security cords, foam gun rests, fixing bolts and a corrosion inhibitor packet. Our mounting brackets and fixing bolts are for the cabinets we sell. Security cords are useful if you want some more safety measures. Our corrosion inhibitor now lasts 50% longer and can protect metal, glass, wood and plastic.


Best Practice and Installation

Your gun cabinet should be secured firmly so that it cannot be removed by bolting to it to a wall, floor or joist. It is best secured in a corner to make it more difficult for a thief to attack it. If you are unsure about where is best to secure your cabinet in your home it is best to contact your local firearms officer. The firearms officer will pay you a visit to ensure everything is correct before your certificate can be approved.

You should ensure that the keys to your cabinet are kept in a secure location that ONLY you know about. Giving other people access to your cabinet, even if they are family, is not taking reasonable precautions and is a breach of firearms regulations. it is a good idea to change the location of your keys from time to time. 

When you return from shooting it is best to clean your guns immediately and return them to storage as soon as possible. Leaving guns 'out to dry' means they are left unsecured. Modern lubricants and cleaners mean that you no longer need to do this. It is also good practice to check your car, pockets, slips or cartridge bags for any leftover cartridges. These should be stored in their seperate safe as soon as possible.


If you require any advice on gun cabinets, gun storage and safety please contact us on 01432 377089 and a memebr of our firearms department will be more than happy to assist.