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Rifle Cabinets

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Why have a gun cabinet?

All our gun cabinets and ammunition gun safes conform to British Standard. A gun cabinet is a secure and protective lockable safe for shotguns, rifles, pistols or ammunition for those guns and are a legal requirement. Gun safes are used to prevent access to unauthorised or unqualified persons and burglary protection. Access prevention is required by law and the British Home Office state that new gun cabinets and gun safes should conform to the British standard. Secure gun locks are law and the gun safe must be fixed to a secure structure.

Deep gun safes are designed for scoped rifles and shotguns. Deep gun cabinets may have similar dimensions to standard gun safes and are called deep safes because the foam inserts are different inside and are designed to safely store rifles and shotguns with scopes.

Our Cabinets

Here at Philip Morris & Son we have a large range of deep cabinets. We have smaller cabinets that are aimed to fit about four scoped guns or larger safes to fit ten. All our cabinets are designed, tested and certified by the Police to ensure that they are secure and are up to standard. The cabinets we stock are designed to ensure safe and secure storage for your firearms and ammunition. Some of our safes have separate lockable compartments for your ammunition and valuables.