End of Season Sale Spring Summer 2019

Burg Wachter Gun Cabinets

Burg Wachter Ranger A5S Gun Cabinet
  • Burg Wachter gun storage cabinet.
  • Stores up to 5 long guns.
  • Lockable Internal ammo safe
from £449.95
Burg Wachter Range RS1/5E Gun Cabinet
  • Burg Wachter 5 gun firearm safe.
  • Electronic fingerprint scanner lock.
  • Internal ammunition storage
from £458.95
Burg Wachter Ranger W7A/BE Gun Cabinet
  • UK police approved firearms safe.
  • Thick double walled door.
  • Mechanical or electronic options
from £641.95
Burg Wachter Ranger RS1/7E Gun Cabinet
  • Burg Wachter Range gun cabinet.
  • RS1 7 gun firearm safe.
  • Electronic fingerprint scanner
from £670.95
Burg Wachter Ranger I/8E Gun Cabinet
  • Burg Wachter 8 gun firearm safe.
  • Electronic locking mechanism.
  • Safe and secure shotgun storage
from £1,515.95

Innovative Gun Cabinets

Burg-Wächter pride themselves on years of experience in locksmithing or lock making. Their locks combined with some high quality construction has given us a fantastic range of UK police approved gun cabinets that are suitable for hobby shooters, avid hunters or businesses.

The cabinets themselves are mainly single or double walled (all with double walled doors), with a smart painted finish. The thing that makes these gun safes stand out amongst the rest is the fantastic technology used in their locking mechanisms. In their range, Burg-Wächter use simple lock & key, electronic keypad locks and electronic fingerprint scanners.

The electronic keypad mechanisms require a personalised 6 digit passcode which unlocks the door. Some safes even allow for multiple codes to be created for various individuals to have their own unlock code. These systems have easy to use menus to navigate through using your function buttons on the keypad.

The electronic fingerprint scanner is the most secure lock available from Burg-Wächter. It allows for a pre-registered fingerprint to unlock the cabinet. This means that there is no chance of someone stumbling upon your key, or a passcode you may have written down. Most cabinets with the scanner can be programmed for more than one fingerprint. They also have keypads to create 6 digits codes, that work as they would on the previous version mentioned above.