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Bisley Basic slip lead
  • 5 foot long dog lead.
  • 8mm matt braid.
  • Quickly secure your dog
  • £7.95
    Available in a selection of colours
    • Matt braid basic slip lead.
    • No packaging included.
    • Includes rubber stop and nickel ring
    Bisley Dog Clip Brace
    • 2 dog clip brace.
    • Double clip ends.
    • Keep 2 dogs under control
    Bisley Field trial lead
    • Pre stretched polyester slip lead 
    • Leather fittings
    • Must have gun dog lead
    Bisley Standard Rope Slip Lead
    • Standard Nylon slip lead.
    • Complete with leather fittings 
    • Quick and easy control of your dog
    Bisley Clip Ring Dog Lead
    • Enables 2 lengths of lead.
    • Great for closer control on lead.
    • Features Nickel clip and ring
    Bisley Deluxe Slip Lead in Green
    • Made from hard-wearing rope.
    • Durable and versatile dog lead.
    • Easy to hold and gentle on the skin
    Bisley Deluxe Sporting Dog Lead Red
  • 1.5m sporting dog slip.
  • Easily secure your dog.
  • Strong 8mm weave
  • £10.95
    Elite Slip Lead in Purple
    • Bisley Elite slip lead.
    • Super tough rope lead.
    • Features brass ring and rubber stopper
    • Adjustable webbing dog collar.
    • Heardwearing collar with quick lock.
    • Available in three colours
    Bisley Natural Slip Dog Lead
    • Natural rope lead.
    • Adjustable stop.
    • Easy handling of your dog
    from £12.00
    Barbour Leather Dog CollarItem on sale
    • Available in small, medium or large.
    • Branded pure leather dog collar.
    • Aged brass metal fittings
    Was £16.95 NOW £12.95
    Bisley Double Stop Dog Slip Lead
    • Bisley double stop slip lead.
    • Quick and eays to use.
    • Can be used as a head collar
    Bisley Heavy Duty Rope Slip Lead
    • Heavy duty dog lead.
    • Leather fittings.
    • Adjustable stop for full control
    Bisley Dog Slip Collar Brace
    • Slip collar brace.
    • Designed for use with 2 dogs.
    • Nickel ring connector
    Brown leather dog leadItem on sale
    • 1 metre long dog lead with metal fittings.
    • Matching collars available.
    • Premium quality leather
    Was £19.95 NOW £15.95
    Bisley Tracking Line
    • 8mm matt braid lead.
    • Includes clip and ring.
    • Great dog training aid
    Barbour Tartan/Webbing collar classicItem on sale
    • Lightweight dog collar. 
    • Barbour dog accessories.
    • Webbing trimmed dog collar
    Was £21.95 NOW £16.95
    Barbour Reflective Tartan Dog Lead Classic TartanItem on sale
    • Barbour dog lead.
    • Refelctive dog lead.
    • Durable webbing
    Was £26.95 NOW £20.95
    Bisley Double Rope Dog Slip Lead
    • 2 dog slip lead.
    • Can be used as a single dog lead.
    • 8mm matt braid
    Bisley Hunting Training Dog Lead
    • Hunting / Training lead.
    • Allows hands-free walking and training.
    • Made by Bisley
    Barbour Classic Tartan Dog CollarItem on sale
    • Fully adjustable buckle fastening.
    • Hard wearing cotton dog collar.
    • 100% real leather lining
    Was £36.95 NOW £28.95
    Bisley Leather Quick Release Handle Set
    • Bisley quick release handle set.
    • Release collar and short handle.
    • Lead length: 27cm
    Classic tartan dog leadItem on sale
    • Leather lined dog lead with tartan pattern.
    • Matching collars available.
    • Fixed 1 metre length
    Was £49.95 NOW £39.95
    Bisley Leather Quick Release Lead Set
    • Single coursing quick release set.
    • Long lead included.
    • Release your dog with ease

    Gun Dog Leads

    Braided dog leads with slip style collar from field experts Bisley. Security and comfort for you and your gundog and thanks to the slip style collar these leads are suitable for all shapes and sizes.