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Beanbag Puppy Training Dummy in Orange
  • Brightly coloured training toy.
  • Notably lightweight and soft.
  • Each training beanbag weighs 1/2 lbs
0.5 lb Puppy Dummy in Orange
  • Half a pound puppy canvas training dummy.
  • Brightly coloured for easy marking.
  • Soft interior, no toggle
  • £5.99
    1lb Dog Training Dummy in Green
    • 1lb Bisley canvas training dummy.
    • Available in two bright colours.
    • Attached plastic toggle for easy handling
    Bisley 1lb Advanced Dummy
    • Bisley dog dummy.
    • Dark colour encourages dog to look.
    • Firm box folded
    Bisley 2lb Hand Dummy
    • Bisley dog dummy.
    • Quality canvas material.
    • Exceptional quality and good value
    Bisley Hare Goose Centre Dog Training Dummy
    • Imitates game body.
    • Will link with standard dummy at each end.
    • Teaches central retrieve
    Dummy Launcher Blanks by Vawter
    • Selection of .22 blanks.
    • Various levels or power.
    • To be used with dummy launchers only
    Bisley Red Plastic Dummy for Launcher
    • Red PVC plastic dummy.
    • Designed for use with dummy launcher.
    • Alumimium insert for reduced recoil
    Bisley Lucky Launcher Dummies
    • Spare or replacement dog dummies.
    • Canvas and plastic designs.
    • Designed for use with dummy launcher
    Seeland Design Line Dummy Bag
    • Canvas dog dummy bag.
    • Wipe clean inside lining.
    • Front mesh pocket for additional storage
    Was £59.99 NOW £49.95
    Bisley Dummy Launcher
    Free UK delivery
    • Dog training dummy launcher.
    • Complete with red plastic PVC dummy.
    • Sturdy, high powered launcher
    Bisley Lucky Launcher 2 Dummy Launcher
    Free UK delivery
    • Bisley dog dummy launcher.
    • One handed operation.
    • Includes training dummy
    Bisley Lucky Line Launcher Dummy Launcher
    Free UK delivery
    • Lucky line dummy launcher.
    • Equipped with retrieval reel.
    • Includes aero-dynamic dummy

    Dog Training Dummies

    Retriever training dummies train your dog to get used to the shape of a real bird during training for work, test and trial. Made from tough, waterproofed cotton canvas to give long life and buoyancy for use in or near water, and filled to give the correct feel to the dog's mouth.