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Birds Of Prey Decoys

Little owl
  • Ideal for scaring away smaller birds.
  • Fixed wings, realistic look.
Peregrine Falcon
  • Ideal for pest control.
  • Intended to scare away smaller birds.
  • 16 inch height
American Great Owl
  • Ideal for scaring away smaller birds such as pigeons.
  • Pest Control purposes
  • Includes base
Great Owl with Beating Wings
  • Ideal for scaring away smaller birds such as pigeons.
  • Moving wings.
  • Excellent for pest control
Sport Plast Kestrel Decoy
  • Ideal for scaring away smaller birds.
  • Realistic looking Kestrel.
  • Detatchable wings

Bird of prey decoys are ideal for pest control, great at scaring away smaller birds such as pigeons. Owls and falcons are the main models and are available in a variety of positions and with a variety of features such as flapping wings and reflective eyes.

Using a Decoy

Birds of prey decoys and used to keep smaller birds out of a vicinity where you don't want them to go. Decoys are useful the more life-like they are, so decoys with features like flapping wings, and reflective eyes tend to be more effective.

What we have

On the web we have all sorts of decoys that include falcons, owls and kestrels. Different birds allow for different scenarios. Things like owls are great for keeping smallers birds like pigeons and other pest birds away from an area. Birds like falcons are good for scaring away pests on the ground like mice and foxes. All at reasonable prices, some of our decoys have features like reflective eyes, or flapping wings that make them seem more life-like and will be more effective. Please contact us or come in store to speak to someone about what to use, and how to use it to best of its effect.