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Pigeon Decoys

Pigeon Cradle
  • Lifts the bird into a life like position.
  • Made from mild steel.
  • Ideal for pigeon or crow shooting
Was £4.95 NOW £3.95
Pigeon Decoy - Pigeon Shell
  • All plastic hard wearing decoy.
  • Stackable design.
  • Mounting stick included
  • from £3.95
     Pigeon Decoy - Easy Fold Wood Pigeon Decoy
    • Easy-fold Wood Pigeon decoy.
    • Collapsible decoy for easy storage.
    • Lightweight
    Was £8.50 NOW £7.40
    Pigeon Decoy with Feet Feeding
  • Full bodied pigeon decoy.
  • Head down feeding design.
  • Made in the UK
  • Was £8.95 NOW £8.50
    Full Body Pigeon Decoy with Feet
    • Full bodied Pigeon decoy.
    • Head up standing design.
    • Feet for stability
    Foam Flying Pigeon Decoy
    • Lightweight foam Pigeon decoy.
    • Ideal for pigeon rotaries.
    • Great value for money
    Was £14.95 NOW £12.95

    Pigeon decoys are used to entice real pigeons down from the trees and out of hiding in the belief there is food where the 'decoy' birds are. Available in a variety of positions, including feeding, and a variety of styles from a basic foam version to full bodied likenesses. Also available is a pigeon cradle which lifts the bird into a life like position.

    Decoy Use

    Decoys are usually in the shape of a bird that is preyed upon. The decoys will be placed around, in the range of a concealed shooter. A predator will then become attracted to it, and the hidden person can shoot the animal before it realised the decoy is fake.

    Our Decoys

    In our department we have a range of plastic, foam and wood decoys that are all effective in different ways. All our pigeon decoys are designed to attract other birds to their location. Whether it's our 'feeding pigeon' or one of a cradle they are all meant to fool pigeons into coming out from the trees and show themselves. The shooter should be hidden within range of the decoy if they are wanting to kill the birds or trap them. Please contact us if there is anything you wish to know, or come into our gunroom to speak to our experts.