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Decoys, Game Calls and Accessories

Decoys can used to deter pest animals and are also by hunters and wildlife observers to entice animals out of hiding and into view, we have a variety of birds including pigeons, magpies and ducks. We also have bird and game calls which will faithfully replicate a variety of animal calls and cries, which will entice larger predator animals into the area. Also in this department are accessories such as camouflage tents, clothing and netting.

Decoy Use

Decoys are usually in the shape of a bird that is preyed upon. The decoys will be placed around, in the range of a concealed shooter. A predator will then become attracted to it, and the hidden person can shoot the animal before it realised the decoy is fake.

Bird Call Use

Bird Calls are usually used for hunting purposes. They can be used to attract fellow birds, or predators to their location. They will usually used by gamekeepers or shoot leaders to attract birds the peg locations.

What we have

In our department we have a huge range of all sorts of decoys, game calls, bird calls and other accessories that will help hunt game. We stock pigeon, duck, crow and birds of prey decoys. These are aimed to scare off smaller birds that you don't want on your shoot or entice other birds to come closer towards you. Our bird and game calls are designed to trick birds into coming towards you. Some will attract predators bysounding like an injured bird; others will alert birds that will then fly up towards your shooters. Amongst our accessories we have things such as hide camo and camoflague clothing and bags. Contact us or come into our gun room to speak to our experts about what to get for your activities.