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Clay Trap Accessories

Bowman Clay Trap Wedge Plate
  • Gives an extra 22 degrees elevation.
  • Fits between trap and stand.
  • For Super Traps 2, 3 and 2000
Bowman Auto Clay Trap Super Match 1 Extension Hopper
  • Extra 35 clay capacity.
  • Bolts on to the main hopper.
  • Gives a 100 clay capacity
Bowman Super Trap Junior Elevating Base Plate
  • Adds up to 45° Elevation.
  • Compatible with Super Trap Junior.
  • Requires Teal Clip
from £47.00
Bowman Super Match 1 Clay Trap Barrow
Free UK delivery
  • One main handle that can be pushed or pulled.
  • Grip handle.
  • Designed for Super Match 1
Bowmans Junior Clay Trap Sled Stand 1
  • Suitable for the Super Trap Junior.
  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Cushioned removable seat
Bowman Auto Clay Trap Replacement Midi Slip in Adapter
  • Available in singles or a pack.
  • Genuine Bowman spares.
  • Fully assembled and tested
Was £132.00 NOW £99.00
Bowmans Clay Super Trap Sled Stand 2
Free UK delivery
  • For Super Trap 2, 3, 2000 and Gyrator.
  • Cushioned removable seat.
  • Sturdy construction
Bowman Low Profile Auto Clay Trap Barrow
Free UK delivery
  • Available with standard or terrain tyres
  • Removable handles
  • For Supermatch 6 or 8 traps
from £135.60
Bowman Standard Auto Clay Trap Barrow
Free UK delivery
  • Standard height auto trap barrow
  • Suitable for all auto traps
  • Standard or terrain wheels
Bowman Clay Super Trap Tripod Stand
Free UK delivery
  • Tripod stand for Super Trap range
  • Fold up legs
  • Includes a fully cushioned removable seat
Bowman  Auto Clay Trap Radio Release System
Free UK delivery
  • Plugs into trap for instant use
  • Operate trap up to 200m away
Bowman  Gun Rack
Free UK delivery
  • Holds up to six guns.
  • Suitable for hard and soft surfaces.
  • Packs flat for easy storage
Bowman Autotrap Quad Barrow Trailer
  • Easy transportation of clay trap
  • Fits onto any 50mm ball tow bar
  • Can be towed up to 20mph
Bowman  Auto Clay Trap Acoustic Release System
Free UK delivery
  • Acoustic Release System.
  • Vocal release operation.
  • Suitable for independant use
Bowman Auto Clay Trap Modular Base for DTLItem on sale
Free UK delivery
  • Fix to the bottom of the auto trap
  • Freedom of movement
  • Sporting support for DTL
Bowman Auto Clay Trap ABT Base & Radio ReleaseItem on sale
Free UK delivery
  • Allows continuous oscillation of trap.
  • Can be operated at up to 200m away.

Bowman have designed their clay pigeon traps and accessories so that items can be interchangeable and be used on various traps. The accessories for the automatic traps make it possible to complete all shooting disciplines with Bowman traps. Bowman Clay Traps are suitable for all disciplines and provide easy and quick changes of a clay’s trajectory, absolute flexibility across the elevation to give maximum trajectory options, supreme quality casting aluminium bodies to absorb vibrations and reduce clay breakage and boast superior safety features including locking mechanisms.

Why Choose Bowman

When it comes to clay traps, Bowman traps are designed to perform and engineered to last. As a specialist clay trap manufacturer they have an intimate understanding of how they work and perform. Bowman have been established as a clay trap manufacturer for over 40 years and aim to offer you the ultimate shooting experience.

Key features of Bowman's traps are the following: They have traps available for all disciplines, it is easy to change the trajectory of your clays and the tension of the trap without use of a spanner, they have superior safety features and cast aluminium bodies to absorb vibrations and reduce clay breakages.