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Beretta Uniform Pro Pouch 1 Box
  • 25 cartridge capacity.
  • Belt loop attachment.
  • Elasticated choke loops either side
Beretta Uniform Pro Pouch 2 Box
  • Adjustable belt.
  • 50 cartridge capacity.
  • 3 elastic loops for cartridges/chokes
Beretta Uniform Pro Pouch With Mesh
  • Zip opening at the bottom.
  • Belt loop attachment.
  • Ideal for spent cartridges
Beretta Retriever Range Cartridge Belt 20 Gauge
  • 30 leather loops.
  • Branded with Beretta logo.
  • Adjustable length

Beretta Cartridge Belts

Beretta offer a range of cartridge belts to make it easier to keep your shells close to hand in the field. They come in a range of sizes to suit different calibres of shotgun shell. 



Beretta Ammunition Belts