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Clean up your fireplace with this handy cleaner from Hotspot. Simply brush onto brick, stone, marble, concrete or other hard surfaces, and the foam removes smoke stains right down to the pores without creating any damage. This item will not, however, remove discoloration caused by weather or natural impurities, and will damage decorated/painted slate and stone.


Key features

  • Cleaner for fireplaces
  • Eliminates the need for harsh acids
  • Removes soot, smoke and tar stains
  • For use on brick, stone and concrete
  • Does not remove weathering or natural impurities
  • Not for use on decorated/painted slate or stone 



0025 (Fire place cleaner) 226509


Size Guides / SpecificationLess

Cleaner size guide

This item contains 500ml.


Directions for use:

-  Ensure that the item is cold and all fixtures have been removed

-  Protect your floor and carpet, and wear protective gloves and clothing

-  Wet the area to be cleaned with water

-  Pour cleaner on cloth and apply to surface

-  Leave for one minute

-  Rub vigorously with damp cloth

-  Rough/pock marked surface will require brushing

-  Rinse area and remove surface water

-  Repeat if required



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