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Ensure your natural stone and brick fireplaces are protected from oil, water , dust and dirt with this handy sealer from Hotspot. Once applied, the solvent, resin and oil combination will help to seal the surface whilst allowing the brick and stone to breathes. It will enhance the natural beauty of the fireplace, although we recommend that you test it on a discrete area prior to use as it may slightly deepen the colour


Key features

  • Seals and protects natural brick and stone
  • Solvent base
  • Contains resins and oils
  • Breathable
  • Repellent to oil, water, dirt and dust
  • Enhances the natural look



0026 (500ml) 226517


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Sealer size guide

This item contains 500ml.


Directions for use:

-   Test on a discrete area prior to use, and please note that this item is NOT suitable for reconstituted stone

-   Ensure surface is cool

-   For best results use the Fireplace Cleaner first to remove stains

-   Remove all loose dust using a vacuum

-   Remove all fixtures and screens

-   Wear protective gloves and protect floors & carpets

-   Ensure area is well ventilated

-   Pour Sealer into clean tray or saucer

-   Apply to surface using brush or lint free cloth (please note that applying via brush may cause streaking

-   For additional outdoor protection apply 2 - 3 coats. ensuring surface is thoroughly clean between applications

-   Leave 2 - 4 hours between coats

-   Leave 2 - 5 hours before using your fireplace, although where possible allow to dry overnight



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