LotusGrill Beech Charcoal
  • Beech wood charcoal burns cleaner.
  • Smokeless Lotus Grill BBQ coal.
  • Designed for Lotus Grills
LotusGrill Lighter Gel
  • Ethanol based gel for igniting a BBQ
  • Designed for LotusGrill barbecues.
  • Odourless safety fuel.
LotusGrill BBQ Bags
  • Oven and BBQ grill bags.
  • Pack of 8 heavy duty aluminium bags.
  • Used for cooking softer items with no mess
Lotus Grill BBQ & Oven Cleaner
  • LotusGrill barbecue cleaning spray.
  • Degreases and removes stubborn food.
  • Does not damage metal
2.5kg charcoal bag for Lotus Grills
  • Cleaner burning, beech-wood charcoal bag.
  • Almost smoke free burn.
  • Holds 2.5kg
LotusGrill Charcoal Container
  • Replacement charcoal container.
  • Lotus Grill BBQ spare part.
  • Quickly remove and fit
LotusGrill XL Charcoal Container
  • Spare charcoal container for extra large LotusGrill.
  • Replacement BBQ part.
  • Easy to fit
Lotus Grill Lighter Gel Triple Pack
Gift with purchase
  • Lotus Grill BBQ lighter gel.
  • Pack of 3 bottles.
  • Easy pour ignition aid
LotusGrill Grid Barbecue Grate
  • Replacement barbecue grilling grid.
  • LotusGrill BBQ spare part.
  • Quick removal and refitting
from £34.95
LotusGrill Inner Bowl Replacement
  • Official LotusGrill spare part.
  • For the LotusGrill and XL.
  • Replacement inner bowl
from £34.95
Standard Grill Hood
Free UK delivery
  • Optional oven hood for the LotusGrill.
  • Convert your bbq into an oven.
  • Strong safety glass lid
from £50.00
LotusGrill Glass Hood
Free UK delivery
  • Safety glass to observe food as it grills.
  • Optional glass lid for the Lotus Grill.
  • Dishwasher proof
  • £65.00
    LotusGrill Pizza Stone Set
    Free UK delivery
    • Turn your BBQ into a pizza cooker.
    • Creates crisp pizza bases.
    • Two sizes available
    from £65.00
    LotusGrill Fondue Set
    Free UK delivery
    • Accessory for standard sized LotusGrill. 
    • Ideal for meat, cheeses or chocolate.
    • 7 piece set
    Was £84.95 NOW £74.95
    LotusGrill Teppanyaki Plate
    Free UK delivery
    • Double sided BBQ Teppanyaki plate.
    • Sits on LotusGrill grilling grid.
    • Iron griddle and plate
    AnthraciteItem has video
    Free UK deliveryGift with purchase
    • Portable charcoal barbecue.
    • Lightweight and easy to transport.
    • USB or battery powered
    Lotus Grill Smokeless BBQ - RedItem has video
    Free UK deliveryGift with purchase
    • Smokeless charcoal barbecue grill.
    • For up to 5 persons.
    • Fast BBQ, ready to cook in minutes
    LotusGrill Smokeless XL Charcoal BBQ in BlueItem has video
    Free UK deliveryGift with purchase
    • Fast BBQ, ready to cook in minutes.
    • XL for up to 10 persons.
    • Smokeless charcoal barbecue grill
    LotusGrill XXL in Anthracite
    Free UK deliveryGift with purchase
    • Extra large portable Barbecue.
    • Ready to cook in just 5 minutes.
    • Suitable for up to 25 people
    Was £379.95 NOW £349.95