Bathroom Towels

Christy Rialto Towels
  • Christy Luxury Rialto Towels.
  • Extremely Soft And Absorbent.
  • Wide Range Of Colours And Sizes
Was £4.00 FROM £1.50
Christy Sloane Towels
  • Luxuriously soft and plush Christy towel.
  • Super absorbant.
  • Different colours and sizes
Was £5.00 FROM £1.50
Christy Blossom Towels
  • Tremendously soft and comfortable.
  • Exceptionally absorbent.
  • Various colours to choose from
Was £3.00 FROM £2.40
Christy Renaissance Towels
  • Egyptian cotton towels.
  • Supremely soft and absorbent.
  • A wide range of beautiful colours
Was £5.00 FROM £3.00
Christy Supreme Hygro Towels
  • Luxuriously soft and plush.
  • Remarkably absorbent.
  • A wide variety of colours and sizes
Was £4.00 FROM £3.20
Christy Madison Combed Cotton Towels
  • Luxury 560gsm combed cotton towel.
  • Soft hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets.
  • Machine washable
Was £12.00 FROM £4.00
Christy Monaco Towels Lifestyle
  • Extremely soft, fluffy and thick.
  • Highly absorbent and practical.
  • Variety of colourful options
Was £12.00 FROM £4.00
Christy Prism Stripe Towels
  • Colourful contemporary bathroom towels made in Turkey.
  • Modern and fashionable.
  • Soft combed cotton
Was £12.00 FROM £6.00
Christy Monaco Towel Lifestyle
  • Incredibly comfortable and absorbent.
  • Three stylish striped colours.
  • Made from 100% cotton
Was £26.00 NOW £7.00

Bathroom Towels

Christy Towels are renowned for producing the finest quality towels with a choice of beautiful colours and designs. Using the best yarns and manufacturing methods, Christy ensure luxury and comfort with each and every towel. Vossen Towels are made using 100% supercombed cotton yarn of the highest quality. Available in a range of sizes from face towel to bath sheet.

Christy and Vossen Bathroom Towels

Christy Towels are available in a range of 5 sizes - face towel, guest towel, hand towel, bath towel and bath sheet - and a selection of 12 colours. Vossen's Country Style range of towels are available in 5 sizes which are face towel, guest towel, hand towel, bath towel and bath sheet. The Vossen Country Style towel range features 12 colourways and has a decorative checkering on each towel.