Le Creuset Handle Glove Almond

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Protect your hands when moving hot pans with Le Creuset's brilliant handle glove. Heat, steam and stain resistant, the pure cotton glove has an insulating layer of towelling, another insulating layer of stitch bonded cotton, an integral steam/grease barrier as well as a final layer of durable cotton. It will help to protect from heat, along with offering you firmer grip.

Whilst this item is perfect for offering added protection when lifting or moving hot items, it should not be used or left on a pan handle during cooking.

Key features

  • Four layered cotton glove
  • First layer: Splash and stain resistant commercial quality towelling
  • Second layer: Insulating stitch bonded cotton interlining
  • Third layer: Integral steam/grease barrier
  • Fourth layer: Strong pure cotton with coating
  • Fully machine washable
  • Pre-shrunk material
  • Perfect addition to Le Creuset's Almond range



491303 / Almond 923789



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