Lafuma Recliner Replacement Lacing Cords

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You need not retire your old RSX, RSXA or RSXA XL recliners when your laces become frayed; simply replace them using a pack of these cords. For a fraction of the price of a new chair, simply unlace one side of your chair at a time and copy the pattern using your new cords, and your relaxer is good to go again! Lafuma themselves recommend laces should be replaced when they show signs of wear (particularly in the front of the seat) and at least every two years


Key features:

  • Replacement elastic cords for re-lacing Lafuma recliners and chairs
  • Suitable for R3000, RSXA, RSX, LP3, SUNRELAXE
  • Available in white, green or black
  • Integrated fixing toggles
  • Each pack contains enough lacing cord for one chair


Please note: Depending upon the age of your chair, the original laces may have been double looped through the frame. The replacement laces have been designed to thread through once, and trying to double lace may prove impossible.



LFM2100 700605 LFM2322



Size Guides / SpecificationLess

Lafuma cords size guide

This item contains four laces, which is enough to re-string one recliner.

5mm thickness

Downloadable documents:

RSXA Spares 2017 (303.53K)



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