Kilner Pack of 200 Wax Discs

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These wax discs are designed to help make you preserves, jellies, chutneys and jams as airtight as possible. They are placed over your chose jars once filled, and then aid in preventing spoilage. There are two different sizes included in this pack, which ensures that there is an option available for most glass jars.


Key features:

  • Set of clear preserving discs
  • Large and small sizes
  • 100 x 5.5 cm
  • 100 x 7.5 cm
  • Helps preserve your jams, chutneys and more



0025.428 (Pack of two hundred) 879103



Size Guides / SpecificationLess

Jar disc size guide

This pack has the following dimensions:

-   Width: 100mm / 4.0"

-   Height: 8mm / 0.3"

-   Length: 155mm / 6.1"


This pack contains 100 x 55mm (2.2") discs and 100 x 75mm (3.0") discs.



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