Kilner Clip Top Preserving Bottle 250ml

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Store your home made treats in this gorgeous bottle, perfect for any kitchen! The easy release mechanism gives you fast access to the contents. Once the bottle is empty it can be restored to its orignal shine in the dishwasher.


Key Features

  • Long-lasting seal
  • With plastic lock lid
  • Ideal for infusing olive oils, viniagrettes and salad dressings
  • Dishwasher safe


Manufacturer's codes: 

Kilner - 0025470

Single Bottle - 874401-1

6 Pack - 876601

12 Pack - 878782

24 Pack - 878785

48 Pack - 890992


Size Guides / SpecificationLess


250ml capacity

Height: 8 inches / 20cm approx

Width: 2 inches / 5cm approx

Weight per jar: 0.3kg approx.


Preserving Chart - What to preserve and when




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